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#PowerTanGambling - D1 Betting: Get Back Game 🏧

Well boys, everyone got fucked last week. #PowerTanWeek4 play hit, and besides that, every solo play lost and Powers and I put together an impressive losing streak mid-week. The "College Lacrosse" section of DraftKings has been the #1 trending league on their home page for the last month and it's clear they're starting to put better handicappers on these games because the lines have gotten a lot more realistic. I had 3 solo play spreads last week that got busted by 1 goal. #PowerTan is back to .500 for the first time since week 2 but we aren't worried, we were 2-4 in week 2 and have stormed back. We've also continued to remain positive in the net profit category the entire season because we're fucken #BallKnowers #GoodShitPowerTan. Thankfully, it looks like they left an intern or two on the lines for this week because #PowerTanWeek5 is mind-bogglingly 🆓 (is that a word?). Stay tuned.

#PowerTan is a weekly gambling segment brought to you by Chad "Rothschild" Powers and myself on Instagram. Make sure you're following @upperdeckylax, @tanner_mccormick1987, and @c_powers30 so you never miss a #PowerTanPlay. We will also be posting our midweek plays on Instagram, so don't be surprised when you see picks outside of the articles show up in our overall record.

Season Totals

Record: 9-9

Risk: $1,988.63

Winnings: $2,234.78

Net Gain/Loss: +$246.15

Let's recap week 4: the big boy hit which was Cornell -2. If it wasn't for CJ Kirst taking that game over we would have gone winless last weekend. Thanks CJ, you're a beauty. Army couldn't beat Lafayette by 7 (which was crazy to me), High Point imploded at home against Georgetown after an awesome start, and Bryant (who only beat Manhattan by 5), blew out Fairfield, who we had assumed was a better team than Manhattan.

Marquette -3 @ Bellarmine #PowersAlmaMaterFade

Binghamton -3.5 @ St. John's #FadeStJohns

NJIT -7 vs. Lindenwood #FuckYourLastRoar #AmericasTeam

Quinnipiac -3 @ Canisius #CheddyRevengeGame

This week has a lot of either super sketchy lines or super close games in big matchups. Not going to be doing much gambling outside of the big boy this week for that reason. Marquette has been a decent mid-level team this year and winning by 4 goals isn't that hard. St. John's is getting faded all year after beating Queens by 3, that game is going to be my reference for how bad they are for the rest of the season regardless of any other results. I was at Brown @ Georgetown last week and Georgetown played like ass and still won by 6, I don't think Brown is gonna win a game this year #JusticeForCongressmanWhitewater. This NJIT play is going to be fun to watch, Lindenwood should probably have just cancelled this season too because they fucken blow. NJIT is on a run of dreams so let's bet them to keep rolling. Quinnipiac being -3 against Canisius is fucken laughable, Canisius lost to Cleveland State last weekend (how) and the QPac beauties are balling out. I expect them to absolutely smoke the Griffins (cool mascot tho).

#PowerPlay of Week 5:

Marquette -3 @ Bellarmine. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Powers with a bit of #FriendlyFire against his alma mater here, but gambling is all business.

#TanPlay of Week 5:

NJIT -7 vs. Lindenwood. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

I may actually double this up for $100 but we'll see.

Ladies and gentlemen we have last week's special guest Head Coach John Mathers returning for another pick this weekend. Mathers' 1-pick play let him down last week so he's coming back even harder this time around with a little parlay.

#TheMathersLay of Week 5:

Penn -2.5 @ Villanova, Loyola +8.5 vs. Duke. +256

Wager: $50 to pay: $178

(Note: Our individual plays are plays that we actually make, but do not contribute to the overall #PowerTan record.)

Let's get down to business shall we?

Quinnipiac -3, Notre Dame ML. +107

Wager: $150.37 to pay: $312.36

I got sick and tired of staring at the $0.63 at the end of our "Risk" category from our balance clearer all the way back in week 0 so that's why the cents are on the end. When Powers and I got in the lab this week to look at the lines this QPac one reminded us of week 0 when Vegas had no fucken clue what they were doing. Unfortunately for Canisius, they're god awful and like I said earlier, lost to Cleveland State at home in OT last weekend. QPac is not only an #UppderDeckyTeam but they've been hot this year and I think they have the potential to beat any team outside the top 20. The Bobcats are 4-0 with big wins against Brown and Bryant under their belts, and they also have a full roster of #Boozehounds who get shit done at the bars following every game as well. Ryan and Dylan Donnery are tied for their team lead in points at 17 which is so fucken sick. Hearing reports that these guys also play each game with a 6mg sitting top shelf for maximum performance. Notre Dame ML addition is just the juice we needed to get this play into + odds territory with their spread against Ohio State set at -5, and with what they did to Maryland last weekend, I don't think Big Tasty will be able to save the Buckeyes as much as I fucken love that guy. #PowerTan is #SoBack and this should get us back over .500 so we have a little more range to let it fly mid-week. Also, thank you for 800 #TanFans on Instagram, you guys are fucken studs.

Week 0

High Point -5, Navy -6. +230

Wager: $50 to pay: $165

Johns Hopkins -6.5, Boston University ML. +193

Wager: $66.63 to pay: $202.03

Week 1

Johns Hopkins ML, Rutgers -5.5. +209

Wager: $50 to pay: $154.88

Hofstra -6. -120

Wager: $50 to pay: $91.67

UMBC -1.5. +105

Wager: $100 to pay: $205

Week 2

Le Moyne -2.5, Navy -1.5. +224

Wager: $50 to pay: $162

Notre Dame -9.5. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Monmouth +11.5. +100

Wager: $50 to pay: $100

Boston U -2.5, Bryant +3.5. +234

Wager: $100 to pay: $334.38

Week 3

Albany -1.5. +120

Wager: $400 to pay: $880

Lehigh -2.5. -132

Wager: $132 to pay: $232

St. John’s -4. -120

Wager: $200 to pay: $366.66

Army +3.5, Siena ML. +197

Wager: $100 to pay: $297.90

Week 4

Cornell -2. -110

Wager: $110 to pay: $210

Army -7. -115

Wager: $115 to pay: $215

HPU +5, Stony Brook ML. +185

Wager: $50 to pay: $142.50

Fairfield +5. -115

Wager: $115 to pay: $215

Week 5

Quinnipiac -3, Notre Dame ML. +107

Wager: $150.37 to pay: $312.36

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