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#PowerTanGambling - D1 Betting: 🆓🍺🔜

Updated: Mar 8

Gentlemen we've got a fat slate of high-octane games this weekend, so we made a few business calls and lined up a couple of special guests to drop their picks. This shit is about to get electric. ⚡

#PowerTan is a weekly gambling segment brought to you by Chad "Rothschild" Powers and myself on Instagram. Make sure you're following @upperdeckylax, @tanner_mccormick1987, and @c_powers30 so you never miss a #PowerTanPlay. We will also be posting our midweek plays on Instagram, so don't be surprised when you see picks outside of the articles show up in our overall record.

Season Totals

Record: 8-6

Risk: $1,598.63

Winnings: $2,024.78

Net Gain/Loss: +$426.15

To quickly recap Week 3: Albany stinks, Army is electric, Siena is a #PowerTanDarkHorse, and the St. John's coach can suck my balls. I have to assume that Powers and I were the only people on the planet watching St. John's vs Queens, so here's all the summary you need. We had St. John's -4. They were up 10-4 midway through the 3rd. Fast forward to 20 seconds left in the game, it's 11-8 St. John's. Queens' tendy is out covering a man and they're doubling the ball. St. John's attackman splits the double, gets to GLE, and as he's dumping it in the empty net for the #PowerTanPush, St. John's head coach calls a timeout. Final 11-8. First and last time betting on St. John's but Queens is so fucken pitiful I really thought we would be good there. We'll be better.

Duke -7 vs. Penn

Monmouth -3.5 vs. The Mount #TheMountIsntReal

Georgetown -6.5 vs. Brown

Cornell -2 vs. Ohio State

Delaware +1.5 vs. Michigan

NJIT -5 @ Wagner #AmericasTeam #GodBlessNJIT

Towson -4.5 vs. UMBC

Virginia -3.5 vs. Johns Hopkins

Utah ML @ Marquette

Huge shortlist this week. Duke is most likely going to put up a similar score on Penn as they did to Jax, and after seeing a little more of Penn, I'm planning to fade them for the foreseeable future #Frauds. I've bet the spread against The Mount every week so far and it hasn't missed, that shit is actually hilarious #FuckTheMount. After seeing a little bit of Brown and Georgetown's big upset on my Fighting Irish last week, this one's a no brainer. Cornell's line makes no fucken sense to me, I hit up Wentsy's dad and he agreed to lend me $10,000 to throw on this one #ThanksWentsysDad. I personally think Michigan are soft and gonna get smoked by the majority of the top 10 this year, and Delaware being home dogs to them is sick. Wagner is a D2 team in disguise and NJIT, keep fucken rolling you legends. Towson looks really fucken good this year and that OT loss to Loyola was bullshit, someone needs to tell those commentators to keep it in their pants next time. Guys clearly had Loyola ML. The fact that people think Hop is gonna keep this game within 4 is laughable to me, Virginia is at home and going to #expose them this week. Expect Big Country Cormier to have at least 4P. Lastly, Utah has had a couple head scratchers so far, but Marquette is not good and I have Utah winning this game in OT.

#PowerPlay of Week 4:

Delaware +1.5 vs. Michigan. -120

Wager: $50 to pay: $91.66

#TanPlay of Week 4:

Georgetown -6.5 vs. Brown. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Now ladies and marby red enthusiasts it's time to introduce this week's special guests.

#PowerTanGuest1: Upper Decky Lax fans love him, Paul Rabil hates him, and Vegas fears him. Upper Decky's fearless leader, Chet "Cheddy" Rutherfurd. Cheddy and I were chilling on the 57th floor hitting the dab pen after a long week of back and forths with the Saudis and this pick just started speaking to him (could have also been the Raspberry Blitz).

#CheddyPlay of Week 4:

Richmond -10 vs. Binghampton. -115.

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

#PowerTanGuest2: A Hall of Fame coach, a leader of men, a man who has met The Creator himself, whose roots in the game go farther back than the colonization of America. One of the most revered men in lacrosse history, Head Coach John Mathers. Coach Mathers reached out to me via smoke signals to supply me with this pick. The smoke signals were a little hard to read (I think they actually came from his illadelph) but once I put the pieces together I knew I had translated it correctly. Being the hard-nosed, gritty coach that he is, Mathers has long had a hatred for Russel Melendez, the pretty boy of Hopkins' squad who only shows up when it doesn't matter (like Spallina). #TheMathersWay.

#TheMathersPlay of Week 4:

Virginia -3.5 vs. Hopkins. -120

Wager: $50 to pay: $91.66

(Note: Our individual plays are plays that we actually make, but do not contribute to the overall #PowerTan record.)

Here comes the big boy. 🆓🍺🔜

Cornell -2 vs. Ohio State. -110

Wager: $110 to pay: $210

Like I said earlier, this line has #VegasDoesntKnowLax written all over it. I haven't talked to a single ball knower that isn't hammering this after seeing how ridiculously low it is. I get it, Ohio State has been playing low scoring games all year, and their tendy Big Tasty is such a fucken stud. Don't care. Kirst and the Cornell offense are going to have a fucken field day with these kids, and Cornell being at home is the icing on the cake. #BigRed is about to drop a #BigLoad on the Buckeyes and it's gonna be sick. The wager listed above was what I put in prior to contacting Wentsy's dad for my loan, planning to be a #GoodSteward of Wentsy's dad's money and give him 11k back after this hits so he'll keep giving me loans the rest of the season. Off the record I have 7-leg and 8-leg parlays for like 5 bones a piece that I'll post on IG if they hit #NiceLaysTan. Let's have a weekend fellas. We'll be getting the gang together to watch the games at Wentsy's whorehouse, his #LaxCave has like 25 TVs and there's a pretty much endless supply of blow and blonde 10s down there. The Jack and Tan's will be flowing.

Week 0

High Point -5, Navy -6. +230

Wager: $50 to pay: $165

Johns Hopkins -6.5, Boston University ML. +193

Wager: $66.63 to pay: $202.03

Week 1

Johns Hopkins ML, Rutgers -5.5. +209

Wager: $50 to pay: $154.88

Hofstra -6. -120

Wager: $50 to pay: $91.67

UMBC -1.5. +105

Wager: $100 to pay: $205

Week 2

Le Moyne -2.5, Navy -1.5. +224

Wager: $50 to pay: $162

Notre Dame -9.5. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Monmouth +11.5. +100

Wager: $50 to pay: $100

Boston U -2.5, Bryant +3.5. +234

Wager: $100 to pay: $334.38

Week 3

Albany -1.5. +120

Wager: $400 to pay: $880

Lehigh -2.5. -132

Wager: $132 to pay: $232

St. John’s -4. -120

Wager: $200 to pay: $366.66

Army +3.5, Siena ML. +197

Wager: $100 to pay: $297.90

Cornell -2 vs. Ohio State. -110

Wager: $110 to pay: $210

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