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#PowerTanGambling - D1 Lacrosse Picks of the Weekend

Updated: Mar 8

Biggest units of the year this weekend boys. You don't wanna miss it. 🐳

Gentlemen we're #SoBack. After dropping to 2-4, Powers and I knew we had to turn the tide so we each ripped 4 lines of cheeto dust and got in the fucken lab. Cooked up a couple Ws and then got #FuckenFaced at MetLife for Flyers Devils Stadium Series. Shit was sick. Gonna switch up the format of these articles a bit this week because of how long our #PowerTanStats are gonna get. Also really fucken hung rn so bear with me. For reference I just had a convo with the fellas about whether that should read "bear with me" or "bare with me" #D3Educated. Let's get this hoe rolling.

#PowerTan is a weekly gambling segment brought to you by Chad "Rothschild" Powers and myself on Instagram. Make sure you're following @upperdeckylax, @tanner_mccormick1987, and @c_powers30 so you never miss a #PowerTanPlay. We will also be posting our midweek plays on Instagram, so don't be surprised when you see picks outside of the articles show up in our overall record.

Season Totals

Record: 5-4

Risk: $566.63

Winnings: $894.88

Net Gain/Loss: +$328.25

A lot of the lines for Saturday's games dropped on Tuesday, and like the degens we are, #PowerTan was locked in immediately. We got some insane lines this week that have since changed so don't be shocked when you see how sick these plays are. Don't even have a shortlist or solo plays this week because we went so hard on #PowerTanWeek3. #StopSlackingTan #SorryBoys #JkNotSorry.

This weekend's #PowerTanShortlist is as follows:

Somewhere between 42-57 Millers a piece

#PowerPlay of Week 3:

3 Grilled Cheese's at approximately 1:12am #NiceOrderPowers

#TanPlay of Week 3:

Hershey Bears game tonight word to Chaz Mcelhoe #BearsMoneyline

(Note: Our individual plays are plays that we actually make, but do not contribute to the overall #PowerTan record.)

Siena -2.5, Towson +1.5. +200

Wager: $200 to pay: $600

Albany -1.5. +120

Wager: $400 to pay: $880

Yes, we actually got these plays at these lines for these wagers. You can look on IG throughout the weekend to see our screenshots if you don't believe me. Shit's actually unreal. Siena is playing UMass Lowell, who somehow only lost by 2 to UMass last weekend which is what made the line look like this when it first dropped #VegasDoesntKnowLax. Towson is travelling to Philly to play St. Joe's, and that line has now moved to Towson -1.5 -115 #NiceLinePowerTan. Albany is the kicker though. Powers and I were having a #PowerTanPlanning conversation Tuesday morning before the lines dropped about what we liked this weekend, and we discussed taking Albany at anything -5.5 or less. When this line came out we dropped everything, made a couple phone calls to Chip Whitewater and JRock 😎 #ThanksForTheFunding and hit that bitch as hard as Maryland hit Cuse in OT. Still can't believe we got -1.5 at +120. Make sure to keep up with us on Instagram this weekend to celly with us. Also, thanks to all my loyal #TanFans for 700 on IG. You guys are fucken beauties. #GodBlessPowerTan

Week 0

High Point -5, Navy -6. +230

Wager: $50 to pay: $165

Johns Hopkins -6.5, Boston University ML. +193

Wager: $66.63 to pay: $202.03

Week 1

Johns Hopkins ML, Rutgers -5.5. +209

Wager: $50 to pay: $154.88

Hofstra -6. -120

Wager: $50 to pay: $91.67

UMBC -1.5. +105

Wager: $100 to pay: $205

Week 2

Le Moyne -2.5, Navy -1.5. +224

Wager: $50 to pay: $162

Notre Dame -9.5. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Monmouth +11.5. +100

Wager: $50 to pay: $100

Boston U -2.5, Bryant +3.5. +234

Wager: $100 to pay: $334.38

Week 3

Siena -2.5, Towson +1.5. +200

Wager: $200 to pay: $600

Albany -1.5. +120

Wager: $400 to pay: $880

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