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#PowerTanGambling - D1 Betting: Week 12

Times are tough gentlemen. The boys are fucken cold. We got knocked down a few times in a row. Lost a couple weeks in a row by a singular goal. But it doesn't matter. We get back up every time. Hard times build strong men. Pressure makes diamonds. And one thing you need to know about #PowerTan is that we've been in much worse spots than this during this season, and pressure doesn't scare us. It always has been, and always will be, #PowerTan. Fuck Paul Rabil, fuck liberals, and fuck anyone who's ever doubted us because we are inevitable.

Season Totals

Record: 13-15

Risk: $3,761.00

Winnings: $3,851.91

Net Gain/Loss: +$90.91

#PowerPlay of Week 12:

Towson +1.5 @ Delaware. -145

Wager: $50 to pay: $84.48

Towson will win the CAA but that means they have to beat Delaware twice. Powers going with the safe play here with +1.5. Towson ML is also +100, definitely keep that in mind too.

#TanPlay of Week 12:

Fairfield -14.5 @ Hampton. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Hampton is the worst team in the history of D1 lacrosse.

(Note: Our solo plays are plays that we actually make, but do not contribute to the overall #PowerTan record.)

A loss this weekend would put us on our longest losing streak of the season. If you take a look at the end of the article at our total record, we've been streaky as fuck this year. Our longest losing streak of the season is 4. Let's keep it that way.

Drexel -2.5 @ Monmouth. -115

Wager: $90 to pay: $168.26

Monmouth got completely butt raped by Towson last week, and I was so buckled that I thought the Monmouth logo on Towson's Instagram post was a Hampton logo and believed it. I even bet Towson the night before and just completely forgot who they were playing but I was totally convinced. If I had to choose a winner between the current Monmouth team and a team made up entirely of Upper Decky staff members, I would make my way over to Navy Federal Credit Union and apply for a $25,000 personal finance loan to put on the Upper Decky boys. Drexel has had a bit of a tough time in the CAA so far and -2.5 may seem like a lot given the scores that each of these two teams has had with the rest of the CAA, but this is a total gut play that Powers and I agreed on the moment we checked out the lines. Dragons if you're reading this let's win a fucken lacrosse game this afternoon men. Monmouth, whatever the hell your mascot is, if you're reading this, fuck you and you suck at lacrosse. And also I'll fuck your sister easily. I won't even have to try, I'll just show up and she'll be all over me. The Mathers Way. Let's right the ship this weekend boys, I could really use some 🆓🍺🔜.


Week 0

High Point -5, Navy -6. +230

Wager: $50 to pay: $165

Johns Hopkins -6.5, Boston University ML. +193

Wager: $66.63 to pay: $202.03

Week 1

Johns Hopkins ML, Rutgers -5.5. +209

Wager: $50 to pay: $154.88

Hofstra -6. -120

Wager: $50 to pay: $91.67

UMBC -1.5. +105

Wager: $100 to pay: $205

Week 2

Le Moyne -2.5, Navy -1.5. +224

Wager: $50 to pay: $162

Notre Dame -9.5. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Monmouth +11.5. +100

Wager: $50 to pay: $100

Boston U -2.5, Bryant +3.5. +234

Wager: $100 to pay: $334.38

Week 3

Albany -1.5. +120

Wager: $400 to pay: $880

Lehigh -2.5. -132

Wager: $132 to pay: $232

St. John’s -4. -120

Wager: $200 to pay: $366.66

Army +3.5, Siena ML. +197

Wager: $100 to pay: $297.90

Week 4

Cornell -2. -110

Wager: $110 to pay: $210

Army -7. -115

Wager: $115 to pay: $215

HPU +5, Stony Brook ML. +185

Wager: $50 to pay: $142.50

Fairfield +5. -115

Wager: $115 to pay: $215

Week 5

Quinnipiac -3, Notre Dame ML. +107

Wager: $150.37 to pay: $312.36

Manhattan ML, Denver ML. +140

Wager: $100 to pay: $240.62

High Point -18.5, Canisius ML. +242

Wager: $200 to pay: $685.50

Week 6

Towson -4, Denver ML. +236

Wager: $108 to pay: $363.44

Week 7

Quinnipiac -1.5. +105

Wager: $300 to pay: $615

VMI ML. -120

Wager: $178 to pay: $326.33

Week 8

Army -2 @ UNC. -115

Wager: $215 to pay: $467.39

Week 9

Quinnipiac ML, Detroit Mercy -2.5, Notre Dame ML. +290

Wager: $76 to pay: $296.57

Week 10

Drexel ML, Colgate ML. +136

Wager: $200 to pay: $$472.58

Week 11

Maryland +1.5, Siena ML. +122

Wager: $210 to pay: $468

Week 12

Drexel -2.5 @ Monmouth. -115

Wager: $90 to pay: $168.26

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