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#PowerTanGambling - D1 Betting: Let's Go Streaking

Gentlemen we're so back. Time to go on a run.

#PowerTan is a weekly gambling segment brought to you by Chad "Rothschild" Powers and myself on Instagram. Make sure you're following @upperdeckylax, @tanner_mccormick1987, and @c_powers30 so you never miss a #PowerTanPlay. We will also be posting our midweek plays on Instagram, so don't be surprised when you see picks outside of the articles show up in our overall record.

Season Totals

Record: 11-11

Risk: $2,547.00

Winnings: $2,910.58

Net Gain/Loss: +$363.58

I fucking love the Towson Tigers. We had those bastards at -4, and they were down 11-10 to Drexel with 12 minutes left in the fourth. I texted Powers to let him know that I was leaving my F-150 and the rest of the bag I had stashed in the center console for him in my will and would be deleting myself after the game. Believe it or not I was at the gym getting a Saturday chest/tris pump in and listening to the game in my headphones off FloTV. I nearly dropped a preworkout shit in the middle of my bench set when I saw Towson make it 15-11, after that comeback a push would have been completely acceptable but those fucken beauties sealed the deal and drop another one to win the game 16-11. As my good friend Conrad Kennedy IV always says, good teams win, great teams cover. Probably our most electric cover of the season so far, Denver ML cashed as well and we're back.

Week 7 Shortlist:

Army -4.5 @ Boston University

Yale -2 @ Cornell

Loyola -2 @ Lafayette

UMBC -2.5 @ Merrimack

Towson -6.5 @ Fairfield

Albany -2 vs. Vermont

Quinnipiac -1.5 @ Marist

Air Force -10 @ Lindenwood (The O/U for this game is 19.5 🫵😂)

Syracuse -10 @ Hobart

Denver +3.5 @Duke

#PowerPlay of Week 7:

Army -4.5 @ BU. -130

Wager: $50 to pay: $88.46


#TanPlay of Week 7:

Yale ML @ Cornell, UMBC ML @ Merrimack. +107

Wager: $50 to pay: $103.65


(Note: Our solo plays are plays that we actually make, but do not contribute to the overall #PowerTan record.)

I'm sure you inferred based on the cover picture which play from the shortlist is going to be the big boy because holy fuck it's so free. Vegas fucked up big time with this line.

Quinnipiac -1.5. +105

Wager: $300 to pay: $615

How in the actual fuck is this line plus money. Fuck Marist. They have one of the weirdest records in D1 so far this season with a 9-8 W over Jacksonville and then a 9-8 L to Wagner. Anyone who loses to Wagner should immediately hop in the transfer portal and head to D2. They also let Canisius score 16 on them which is criminal. Quinnipiac is an Upper Decky favorite and still fucken undefeated, and the Donnerys are still leading the team in points while showing up to 6am lifts hung tits straight from the ADPi house. This team is electric on and off the field and Marist is going to be shaking in their boots when these legends show up ready to take over Tenney Stadium. I am so fucken excited to watch the Bobcats drop a steamy deuce on Marist's logo and then hop back on the bus and get the party started with the ole vodka gatorade trick before absolutely taking over the bars later. This play could have us riding our biggest high (in terms of gambling) all season and I'm fucken fired up gentlemen. Also going to be boozed from about 2pm today through Monday morning so if I go MIA just know I'm watching this one no matter what. 🆓🍺🔜

Week 0

High Point -5, Navy -6. +230

Wager: $50 to pay: $165

Johns Hopkins -6.5, Boston University ML. +193

Wager: $66.63 to pay: $202.03

Week 1

Johns Hopkins ML, Rutgers -5.5. +209

Wager: $50 to pay: $154.88

Hofstra -6. -120

Wager: $50 to pay: $91.67

UMBC -1.5. +105

Wager: $100 to pay: $205

Week 2

Le Moyne -2.5, Navy -1.5. +224

Wager: $50 to pay: $162

Notre Dame -9.5. -115

Wager: $50 to pay: $93.47

Monmouth +11.5. +100

Wager: $50 to pay: $100

Boston U -2.5, Bryant +3.5. +234

Wager: $100 to pay: $334.38

Week 3

Albany -1.5. +120

Wager: $400 to pay: $880

Lehigh -2.5. -132

Wager: $132 to pay: $232

St. John’s -4. -120

Wager: $200 to pay: $366.66

Army +3.5, Siena ML. +197

Wager: $100 to pay: $297.90

Week 4

Cornell -2. -110

Wager: $110 to pay: $210

Army -7. -115

Wager: $115 to pay: $215

HPU +5, Stony Brook ML. +185

Wager: $50 to pay: $142.50

Fairfield +5. -115

Wager: $115 to pay: $215

Week 5

Quinnipiac -3, Notre Dame ML. +107

Wager: $150.37 to pay: $312.36

Manhattan ML, Denver ML. +140

Wager: $100 to pay: $240.62

High Point -18.5, Canisius ML. +242

Wager: $200 to pay: $685.50

Week 6

Towson -4, Denver ML. +236

Wager: $108 to pay: $363.44

Week 7

Quinnipiac -1.5. +105

Wager: $300 to pay: $615

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