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Georgetown: Officially on #FraudWatch

Upper Decky readers, Tan here. #Juiced to add some more grit to this already-electric blog.

Lax fans were treated to some fucken sick games this weekend to kick off the season, including a bunch of “Sportsbook upsets,” the most notable being Hopkins and Penn State (weren’t they just 1 blown call away from playing in the natty? Figure it out).

Those storylines are great. But the story coming out of Week 0 that isn’t getting enough coverage: Georgetown getting the doors blown off of their program by unranked Loyola. Georgetown, coming off a 13-4 record last year and ranked #12 in IL’s preseason poll, looked like they were going to come flying out of the gate again this season and seemed poised for (at least) a competitive game against Loyola, with most fans expecting a fairly easy GTown W. Clearly, most fans were wrong. If you’re a Loyola player or fan, things are looking good for your boys in green.

Should Loyola have been ranked coming into Week 0? Probably, they returned their 3 highest point scorers from last year, and are always a grit squad that you don’t want to play on the road. Looking at some of the other teams that were 15-20 in preseason ranks, IL probably could have swapped one of them with Loyola and no one would have given a shit.

Did anyone see this scoreline coming though? I certainly didn’t, considering I had Georgetown’s moneyline and spread in 2 different parlays this weekend (still came out of the weekend very positive though #PowerTanW). Georgetown was a 4 point favorite going into this game, and they didn’t just lose, they got fucken shit on. I’m not sure if the boys ripped the bars Friday night expecting an easy win, or whether some guys were expecting to get some pregame muff and the ladies faked, but they were struggling to keep up by the second quarter. If each quarter of that game was split into 4 separate games, Georgetown would sit at 0-4 as they were outscored and outclassed by Loyola in each quarter.

I would also like to note that Anderson Moore, Georgetown’s freshman tendy, went 8/26 for a 31% save percentage. Do with this info what you will.

Some positives for Georgetown:

Jordan Wray had 5 Genos and shot 50%, kids a certified stud. They might need him to backpack their team this whole season if they expect to make any kind of noise.

James Ball went 16/22 at 73% from the X, and without him they could have lost by 15.

Expect Loyola to be ranked this week and Georgetown to plummet. After this performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if #12 is the highest ranking they see for the rest of this year. They play a tough schedule this year with some bold out-of-conference matchups, and after watching this game I have very little confidence in them moving forward. Georgetown is officially on #FraudWatch and I would fucken hate to be a participant at practice this week as I assume they’ll be doing a whole lot of “conditioning.”

Is Georgetown Fucked?

  • Yeah they fucken blow

  • Nah they'll be aight

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