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Updated: Feb 16

Welcome to Upper Decky Lacrosse, a new type of Lacrosse blog that ignores all the politics and connections and does real rankings and real articles. Ever since I was a kid, lacrosse was always a big part of my life. Seeing JoJo Marasco shred defenses at Syracuse wearing the iconic number 22 made me love the game. A lot of people nowadays try to shift away from the douchebag frat bro lacrosse character but I think that's what we need. I mean how can you hate on someone like Tucker Dordevic who would score 5 goals a game at Syracuse and then go pound natty lights after a nice win in the dome. Our mission at Zyn Lacrosse will be to revive the old character in lacrosse that is dying in this day and age. Lacrosse benefits from the Chad figure, it does not benefit from our professional league promoting non alcoholic beer and trying to politicize lacrosse. Every one should know lacrosse as stinging corners, wearing rainbows, and drinking alcohol.

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