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Winkoff, Costin, gape Penn with 4th quarter thrust

Well well well, if you read my preview you guys know I loved the nitts to win this game. Kev Winkoff Bing legend dropping 5 genos and Max Costin dropping 3, absolute beauties. Dudes were nabbing cheddar all game and IL doesn't even have enough respect to posts them and posts a clip of James Shipley scoring, like bro are you serious. I apologize to the Nitts, they will definitely be up in my poll Monday. They may just be fucking back. Jack Posey with another great performance holding Sam Handley to one geno and two Mickey Mouse assists, this guys starting to move up on my mid season aa list. I think this game serves as a lesson, Sam Handley can't handle the heat and prays on our downfall and look what happened. Anyway some other great performances were Cousin Mullins at the faceoff dot 19/29 I literally called that shit in my weekend preview. I think penn state is 100% a rising contender to win the big ten these guys are absolute nailguns and don't give any fucks. I bet Kev Winkoff and The Traynor bros will all be ripping three ways with some zetas after a long night at champs. I heard Costin and Posey are on the way to Philly as I write this to go effiel tower Ben Smiths chick. This is what great teams do, I'm loving the Nitts this year.

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