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Who Has The Biggest Horn in The PLL?

Now I know what you’re thinkin’, new guy, writin’ about other guys wrenches. But if there’s one thing you need to know about Dick Johnson is Dicky J knows Dicks. I have a supernatural like ability to tell who’s got an absolute fuckin’ hog on ‘em. And boy did I have a hard time deciding on this PLL crop of talent here in 2024. 

Now in Part 1, we will go through my top 25. 

The Initial list reads:

-Wes Berg

-Romar Dennis

-Ron John

-Jared Connor’s

-Owen Grant

-Challen Rodgers 

-Latrell Harris

-Christian Scarpello

-Marcus Hudgins 

-Chris Sabia

-Graeme Hossack

-Colin Heacock

-Jake Bernhardt

-Brennan Oneil

-JT Giles Harris 

-Jake Piseno 

-Jules Heninburg

-Jeff Trainor

-Asher Nolting

-Cade Van RaapHorst

-Chase Yager

-Trevor Baptiste

-Myles Jones

-Gavin Adler

-Dylan Molloy 

Now I named 25 people, and I want to highlight a few of those names on this prestigious list first. To start, Ron John. Now Ronnie boy is a UAlbany product, played against this guy in college (D1 is tight) and Ron John has one sturdy frame. The type of guy who’s gotta be careful in 3 inch seams.

Next on the list is Colin Heacock. Coxy is a guy who you see come through the shower, maybe you’ve had a bad day or you say to yourself dude what the fuck, workin’ with an absolute rope. 

Next up is Jared Conners, Jared is kind of lean machine dick slingin’ machine and you gotta think with the way he works the long pole in the middle of the field that he’s surgical in your girls crease as well. This guys just got that kinda weird guy face to that tells me he’s got a meat missile. 

Last up for Part 1, Mr. Myles Jones. Now I know what you’re thinking, Dick what the fuck is up with this man. Blah blah blah dude I’m not a fucking idiot. I once saw a 5’2 130lb homeless, cambodian guy in the showers at school and he was workin with a cucumber down there, horse style. Mega bush too. Myles was one of the original guys that growing up watching, I’d just think wow that’s guys so talented, field vision, cannon of a shot, elite dodging ability, and wow he must have an absolute fucking hog on him.


Part’s 2 & 3 will feature more of this talented bunch, but I think the first wave of guys is one to admire. Little bit of everything at each level of this list. Speed, power, field vision, god-given ability, and elite level horns. It’s why they’re some of the best in world. 

-Dick Johnson

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