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What are some of the best players pregame routines?

There's been a lot of speculation recently of what the best players are doing before their games; wether it's cheefing the elf bar, putting dip in between their toes, or pounding a 6er of voodoo rangers. Younger players want to do the same, well we have all the answers here.

CJ Kirst, Cornell

Heard many different reports of what this guy does pregame, but our most accurate source says before playing an easier opponent CJ goes on to various adult sites and spanks the monkey for minimum 30 minutes. If it's a bigger game we hear Cj calls his big brother connor and they discuss their faith for 30 minutes and then he and teammate Angelo Petrakis will have a 20 minute grappling session in singlets.

Brennan O'Neil, Duke

Now Brennan has stated that he eats a chipotle burrito and listens to meek mill or juice wrld before games, however he's leaving out one major detail. Brennan almost always trips the fuck out on a micro dose of dmt in the locker room. This trick was supposedly given to him by Tom Schreiber when Brennan was in highschool at St Anthonys, and I mean you've guys have seen his hs tape. Reportedly when asked about this by teammates Brennan says "stfu bro dont ask me questions I'm tryna play 2k". Definitely an interesting routine, but seems to be working.

Mack Prybylski, Villanova

Now Villanova is known for tossing some dip in between their toes before games popularized by YouTube sensation Stelios Kroudis but Mack reportedly does his own thing. His secret to playing good defense is watching the 2010 film "tooth fairy" by Dwayne the rock Johnson before every game. Allegedly he's very passionate about it even to the point of believing in the tooth fairy and can be heard shouting in excitement from his room while watching it the morning of games. I can only imagine what Stelios thinks about this, seems to be working though.

Finn Thomson, Syracuse

Finn seems to keep it pretty simple with his pregame routine, him and Owen hiltz will go out the back of the dome and usually smoke a pack of Marlboros and then crush a pizza from the varsity. However the night before is crucial; he almost always sits outside his dorm and plays wall ball for 5 hours only practicing his famed behind the back pass, while doing this he usually puffs the Alien Og cart a few times.

Collin Kreig, North Carolina

Being one of the best goalies in the country, Kreig has a patented pregame routine. He often can be found in his apartment playing guitar hero by himself for 2 hours straight with no breaks. Then when he gets to the locker room, he practices high crotch grabs on whatever freshman he can get his hands on; I've heard it's typically one of the pietramala twins. Then during warmups he swaps out the water bottle the trainers give him for his Gatorade bottle full of red 4loko with a few scoops of Amped AF preworkout. Definitely interesting, I guess this is what it takes.

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