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Villanova ends Delaware’s hype train

If you read my rankings, you knew I was never high on the blue hens. Idk what the fuck terry foy or quint had going in their heads putting them at ten or even top 15. No suprise nova won this, the team is made up of a mix of psycho New Jersey kids who aren't afraid to put some dip in between their toes before a game, or get nasty with some 5s on the shore. Villanova was led by certified nailgun and first teamer Matt Campbell with 5 genos and an apple. I'm a big fan of this kids game and considering Georgetown is a bunch of pussies who just want to become investment bankers villanova may be able to nab a big east title. That is if junior defenseman Reid Colwell can get it together, I've heard from sources he only drinks diet snapples and instead of wheeling birds he is much too focused on practicing his defensive approaches. I'm loving the cat's honestly, I think the yale loss may have been a fluke considering what penn state did to them. These guys run a blowtorch offense with Campbell, Fraser, Daly and Raymond and they know how to score goals. I'd love to see Delbarton Nailgun Jack Cerza get on the score sheet, I remember seeing his clips on sideline swap, kid has liquid smoke in his stick. At least he did, maybe bros been sending a bit too much. Who knows, regardless hats off to the cats, just wish Stelios was able to film this one!

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