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UVA is scary, Army scared me, Colgate?

Alright boys, uva might be better than they were last year. Big Country is still such a nailgun 5 genos and a grilled cheese to wash it down, love the man. I’d go to war for Cormier. Shelly was eh but don’t think he needed to go off like he will later in the season. McCabe is a stud, adds a scary 2nd option to give Shelly more room. Jack Boyden is a great addition as well, roll jumbos. Pissed we didn’t see more of Truitt.

Defensively that was way above my expectations. Granted, I didn’t and still don’t think Michigan is anything great, but good lord Big John Schroter is a stud. Nailgun nailgun nailgun. Ben wayer is very back glad to see him in action again. Nunes had an assist so you can imagine he had himself a night at the Aphi house. Ghobriel did well he’ll need to continue. Well done wahoos, you might me my number 1 team in the country.

Army, boys, cmon now. Drip king should be verbally harassed everytime he steps on a field. If you say the word “rizz” seriously I hope your friends bully you if you have any. No chance kids on the team enjoy his presence. He went 29% from the dot and wow nobody was impressed. Shouldn’t be allowed to lose a game for UMass like that again. As far as the game goes, I thought this shit was over but I shouldn’t have doubted these boys. Burek had himself a day, still a dawg. Plunkett was quiet, only the 1 assist, need more from the Silky Smooth Stallion. Morin with the hatty, crowbar for sure. UMass blows, this should not have been close. My fellow writer Tanner bet his mortgage on the spread so it looks like he’ll be back at Goldman working 7-7. The black knights will be fine, it’s opening game tisms. Bennet Ong is our favorite for Upper Decky Man of the year at the moment, I heard he spent Sunday donating his body to the women’s volleyball program for internal studies, what a guy. I hope drip king has a horrible panic attack every time he steps on the field.

Also, after going on a recent sabbatical in Kathmandu with my gym bro M’kalo, I must apologize to the Colgate squad. Great win over Hobart, and I’m hopping on the wagon if you’ll have me. I have rediscovered myself.

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Thankfully I only bet the mortgage of my second house in Nantucket, so I'll be alright

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