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Upper Decky Mid-season "Senders" All American list!

This obviously a different kind of mid season All American list. Instead of the traditional first team, second team, third team and honorable mentions, I have decided to make this one big "first team" since there aren't enough A1 senders in the country. You can think of it as the 1992 USA Dream Team, but instead of Michael Jordan, we have Ethan McGerald, and instead of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, we have Dutch Furlong and Colin Kelly. Since the lacrosse community full of stallions and full senders, I think it is only right to show thanks to the back bone of our nation. The guys on this list are the definition of sending. These fellas embody the idea of slugging brews, smashing babes and being bros. Without further a do, let's get into the list!

A- Griffin "Cookie" Cook, Syracuse

A- Colin "rip your elf bar then fuck your bitch" Kelly, Canisius

A- Devon "Noise Complaint" McLane, Brown

A- Dutch "Spanky noodle" Furlong, Bucknell

M- Charles "Bud Light" Balsamo, Duke

M- PJ Zynsner, UNC

M- Derrek "Newports and EDM" Madonna, Richmond

M- Ethan "horse cock" McGerald, Quinnipiac

M- Evan "Fire Crotch" Zyn, Virginia

D- Jack "Balls of steel" Posey, Penn State

D- Reid "Diet Snapple" Colwell, Villanova

D- Cade "shrooms" Saustad, Virginia

G- Connor "Tall Boy" Theriault, Brown

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