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Upper Decky lacrosse top performers of week 2

Hm Petey Lasalla, Virginia- This beauty had 2 genos and was leather in two-man game for the hoos, keep in mind he's a faceoff guy.

Luke Grayum, Richmond

Led the spiders with 8 points (4 genos, 4 apples) in his second game back after missing all last year. Kid is a bit odd not sure if he's like that with the women but he's definitely like that on the field.

Reese Burek, Army

Led his team with 5 genos and an apple to upset Mickey Mouse Rutgers, not only does he do this he defends our freedom as well.

Chris Lyons, Yale

Stud had NINE goals against Villanova yesterday and was an absolute animal on the field. This guy was getting active on the ride and yardsaling kids. Great stuff this week Chris I'm loving the Elis class of 2021 players.

Connor Shellenberger, Virginia

I mean what can you really say, 10 points?!? And while exposing a Mickey Mouse Ivy League team??? I mean it can't get much better, hats off to Shelly dude always shows and performs and then plays Fortnite with Payton Cormier.

Nick "gooch" DiMuccio, Quinnipiac

Bro had 21 saves for America's team the Quinnipiac Bobcats leading them to an upset win over Brown. This guy is a beast and rumor has it he spent the night with brown attackman Devon Mclanes girl.

Luke Wierman, Maryland

24/31 for faceoffs on the day against Syracuse, I mean is that good? Dudes an absolute Nailgun and I can't wait to watch him son tik tok boy Tyler Sandoval on Princeton next weekend.

Great work guys!

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