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Chet’s week 2 breakdown: Hoos, Terps, Orange, Greyhounds, and more!

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

What a weekend of lacrosse, great games all around and we are starting to get to know what teams are frauds or not. I'm gonna preface this breakdown with a shoutout to America's team, Quinnipiac men's lacrosse for the upset of the week against Brown, you can check out my article on that game in the related posts section.

Maryland vs Syracuse (15-12 Maryland win)

This game was pretty back and forth but faceoffs and clears hurt the orange badly. However, it also showed how vulnerable the terps are, the defense is definitely not the same without Logan Mcananey in goal and the orange were finding twine on the backup Teddy Dolan all game. Will Mark played an incredible game in the net for the orange not letting the game get out of their hands, Mark had 18 saves and stood on his head in critical moments. Syracuse's offense was led by Jackson Birtwhistle with 3 goals and Owen Hiltz with 1g 2a. Spallina was kept on a chain by Brett Makar and had limited touches on the ball however had one of the best goals in college lacrosse this year going btb around makar to score a big-time juice goal for the orange. All in all, I honestly think Syracuse may have been the better team in this bout, Maryland shot the ball 38 times to Syracuse 26 and only won by 3 goals. Maryland also had significantly more possessions on offense. Maryland has a lot of things to fix facing off against the nerds of Princeton next week, I just hope Luke Weirman puts that scumbag tik tok boy Tyler Sandoval in a blender.

Loyola vs Hopkins (13-8 Loyola win)

We all saw this coming with the way Hopkins closed out the last game against North Carolina and without Russel Melendez or Jacob Angelus playing. The game was an absolute beat down and the final score doesn't reflect how one-sided this was. Loyola is a very good team I think they are currently a top-ten team and very well-coached but I think their lack of star power could hurt them in the future. They face Rutgers next weekend, and Hopkins will also look to bounce back against Utah next weekend.

Penn vs Georgetown (9-7 Penn win)

Well, it's looking like Georgetown is a complete fraud this year, however, this game could've had a different outcome. With 50 seconds left, Penn attempts to clear the ball but with a hard Georgetown ride Tucker Dordevic scores cutting Georgetown's deficit to one goal. Penn gets the ground ball off the face-off but then the ball got on the carpet and it was scooped up by Sam Handley, Handley then was triple-teamed and got bitched by Will Bowen on Georgetown and turned the ball over, however, it looks like the refs had the Penn ML and tossed a flag ending with their bet hitting. Regardless of that, if you're Georgetown a supposed top 5 team with all these transfers and coming off a loss to Hopkins the previous weekend this is a must-win. Penn is a good team and all but Georgetown has been a disappointment this season, their offense is unorganized and riddled with bad shots and turnovers and I think the team captains and the coaching staff have got to step up and take control. Also, talk about OVERRATED, this dude Sam Handley the so-called 2nd best player in the land according to inside lacrosse only had 1g and 1a in his opener.

Army vs Rutgers (14-13 Army win)

Inside lacrosse CEO Terry Foy's number 2 ranked team sure did put on a performance... NOT. Another fraudulent overhyped team this year which seems to be a commonality. However hats off to the army for a well-deserved hard-fought win, these guys were playing like straight Nialguns and hustling for everything despite having the least drip in the NCAA. Army was led by Reese Burek with 5 goals and 1 assist along with upstate NY legend Jacob Morin who added 2 goals and an assist. Shoutout Army for playing a great game and defending our freedom.

Virginia vs Harvard (25-21 UVA win)

Great 4 pm game to watch, killed a couple of Jack and Cokes and packed a few upper decks while watching this one. I swear to god if Harvard gets like a few in-conference wins and then people try to like say the Ivy League is so good and use this game as an example because the final score was close I will lose it. This game was like the perfect example of how Mickey Mouse the Ivy League is, Virginia was up 9-0 within like 5 minutes of the game and scored 20 goals at halftime. They pulled their starters in the third up by 12 and Harvard started to put some away. Virginia literally had Petey Lasalla stay on the field and run a two-man game with Truitt Sunderland and bro literally scored. I'm sick and tired of hearing Ivy League this Ivy League that like no, Harvard looked like a fucking JV team out there. Anyways, Shellenberger continued his Tewaarton campaign with 3g and 7a, a ridiculous stat line to say the least, the Slim Reaper Xander Dickson had quite a performance as well with 5 genes including a backhand featured on our tik tok. The Canadians Payton Cormier and Thomas Mcconvey both had 4 points and highly rated freshman Truitt Sunderland had 3 points.

Ohio State vs North Carolina (8-5 OSU win)

This game was tough to watch and was a bit of a letdown, from the terrible announcers to the sloppy offensive play on the field it was just brutal. This was honestly anyone's game but if UNC had shot a little bit better this game would've been a blowout. Ohio State just seemed to figure things out a little on offense at the end of the game just enough to squeeze out a win, however, Jack Myers was exposed to be a fraud, dude shot 13% and went 1 and 1 as a so-called "Tewaarton contender". North Carolinas ride was too much for the buckeyes all game and they couldn't clear the ball for their life, and if they clear like this against a team like Virginia next week they will get blown out.

Some of the other games shocked me. Our number 3 ranked team supposed juggernaut Cornell barely edges Albany, like yeah you can go on ohhh they didn't have Michael Long blah blah blah. They are the number 2 team in the country in majority of the polls and can't beat Albany by at least 6 goals are you serious? The ivies are frauds and always have been. Richmond bounced back after a disappointing opener against Maryland but rebounded well against Bucknell shafting them 18-5, Luke Grayum led the Spiders with 8 points, and certified nailgun Derrek Madonna had 4 goals and 2a for the spiders, dude was ripping corners all game. Yale and Villanova had a back-and-forth, game until the 4th quarter with Yale eventually pulling away. Sophomore Chris Lyons had 9 goals for Yale and Matt Brandau 4 goals and 3 assists to start his Tewaarton Campaign. Notre Dame rolled over Cleveland st 18-8, the Kavanaugh brothers were doing ridiculous stuff per usual. Overall a great weekend and I'm even more excited for the next!

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