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Quinnipiac upsets Brown 11-10

Man what a game. Quinnipiac is a team full of nailguns and I love it. These guys were playing with straight grit and muscle the entire game and refused to give up. Rumor has it in pregame warmups these guys were bumping "life goes on" by lil baby and they never looked back. Their goalie the Italian stallion Nick DiMuccio stood on his head and had 20 saves, dudes definitely getting some action tonight. Jake Tellers was spraying liquid smoke out of his stick they entire 4th quarter. The bobcats were buzzing all game playing good lacrosse laying bodies and stinging corners. With 30 seconds left in the game and a brown faceoff violation Quinnipiac kept their composure and didn't lose possession to close out the game despite buddy playing solo squads against brown in the corner of the field. I think this game exposed the fraudulent Ivy League and despite this Terry Foy will still have Brown in his top ten. Regardless, hats off to the Quinnipiac bobcats for playing a fantastic game and being some nailguns, the guys will definitely be picking up some road sodas at a gas station on the way back to Connecticut.

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