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Chetty's week 2 poll: Lots of movement

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

HM- Jacksonville, Quinnipiac, Boston U, Vermont, Lehigh, Penn State, Villanova, Denver

20. Delaware (3-0)

A lot of people will try to argue for them to be higher but they allow a lot of goals against weak opponents, they get their first test next game against Villanova

19. Johns Hopkins (2-2)

Starting to go off the rails and lose buzz after a beatdown loss at the hands of Loyola, should be able to bounce back this weekend against Utah

18. Army (1-1)

Massive win this weekend against Rutgers, definitely a solid team but hurt by their loss to Umass

17. Richmond (1-1)

Spiders rebounded hard blowing out Bucknell 18-5 after losing their opener to Maryland. Looked like a true Dan Chemotti team and played great on both sides of the ball. They get Towson on Friday which should give us a feel for where this team sits compared to St Joe's.

16. Umass (2-0)

Rolled over Umass Lowell on Friday 11-3, seems like they're back to being a typical Umass team- tough to play and will always give you a fight.

15. St Josephs (2-0)

Edged Towson by 3 goals to improve to 2-0, Tucker Brown and Levi Anderson both had 3 goals in the win. Zach Cole won 20 of 32 face-offs. They face Hopkins in two weeks which should be their first true test.

14. Rutgers (2-1)

A disappointing upset loss to Army this week and Loyola coming to town next weekend makes it even worse.

13. Syracuse (3-1)

I was impressed with how close the Orange kept their game with Maryland despite winning 7 out of 31 face-offs. They proved themselves a solid team and could score on Marylands all American defense, as well as give Maryland trouble on Offense.

12. North Carolina (2-1)

A close loss to Ohio State Sunday, I think this team has a solid defense especially when Collin Kreig is playing well they just need to shoot the ball better and make plays when it matters on offense.

11. Georgetown (0-2)

The most disappointing team of the season so far, and another loss only makes things worse, and it only gets worse. They play an angry Notre Dame next week and will need to figure things out quickly if they want to be contenders.

10. Duke (3-1)

The team offense is sloppy and needs time to get better, however, Brennan O'neil showed Friday that at any given moment he can take over the game. Their goalie play could be a little better as well Helm looked pretty weak against Denver. They face off against Penn next Saturday and can not play how they did on offense against Denver or they will fall to 3-2.

9. Cornell (1-0)

I mean these guys deserve to drop to 9 after that abysmal performance against Albany Saturday. That is just unacceptable.

8. Ohio State

Not the strongest on offense I noticed they lack strength in the midfield and don't have the greatest shooters on their squad but definitely have one of the best defenses in college lacrosse and I'm extremely excited to see how they do against Virginia next weekend.

7. Yale

Weak defense, Strong offense, Matt Brandau, Chris Lyons, and Leo Johnson led the Elis in points in their debut against Villanova however giving up 14 goals and your goalie bailing you out with 18 saves won't do it against teams who play well on both sides of the ball.

6. Princeton

Not too high on these guys, giving up 9 goals to Monmouth is pretty lackluster and better get figured out ASAP because these guys have the terps coming to town next weekend. The Offense looks strong but won't matter if Luke Weirman doesn't let them smell the ball.

5. Maryland (2-1)

These guys are gonna miss Mcnaney, I mean sheesh. Cuse was ripping corners on their backup all game. Their biggest thing is finding their "guy" on offense, whether it's Daniel Kelly, Kyle Long, or Owen Murphy, someone needs to step up and take control because they have not performed to Maryland standard the past two games.

4. Penn (1-0)

A strong team all around, they have the one-two on offense with Sam Handley who gets all the attention and shooter Cam Rubin. BJ Farrare and Piper Bond are in the midfield on defense making plays in the middle of the field, Goalie Emmet Carrol had 18 saves in their win against Georgetown and arguably was the reason they won that game.

3. Loyola (2-0)

Well-coached, composed, and team offense. That's what Loyola is built around this year and it seems to be working, every guy shows up and gets the job done, and does it well. These guys dominate and will look to continue their domination against Rutgers next weekend.

2. Notre Dame (2-0)

This team's offense is just 6 nail guns running around on the field at once is what I've learned from watching both of their games. These guys will still be going 100% on the ride up by 12 in the 4th. That is the mentality that gets you to championship weekend. The Irish play at Georgetown next weekend looking to improve to 3-0 on their revenge tour.

1. Virginia (2-0)

The offense is just pretty ridiculous, 20 goals in a half on any team are just absurd makes it even crazier that it was a squad coached by Gerry Byrne. However, I think the Cavs' defense could use a little work yeah yeah they pulled their starters but Harvard did make some plays when the first line was out there. Regardless I think this team just has too much star power this year with Shelly, Lasalla, Kastner, Dickson, Cormier, Mcconvey, Shutz, and the list goes on.

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