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Tyler Buchner to Notre Dame Lax: What it really means

Hello everyone, sorry for my hiatus from writing. I've been absolutely ripping beaver the past few months and honestly the fall ball slate was kind of boring besides Kabiri tweaking off the Alien Og and dropping like 4 genos on notre dame. Anyways, saw a headline the other day that Tyler Buchner the dude who rode pine on both Bama and Notre dame football is in the portal for lax. As soon as this shit got announced Ty Xanders and TLN came in their pants and instantly dug up his HS highlights when he was playing against inept retards in San Diego and ripping ched. That barstool retard Doogs is out here saying he's just as good as Brennan O'Neil because Daddy Ty Xanders said so. Like come the fuck on this dudes going to score like 2 goals then go beg to the ncaa for 8 more years of eligibility. Anyways he ends up deciding to go back to Notre Dame and I think I see why. I mean the guy gets on the field for bama once or twice and was shitting his pants because he saw a few zetas in the stands looking at him while he's fucking trying to get Jermaine Burton to motion. Then the next day in practice Jalen Milroe pulls up in his hellcat getting dome from Buchner's Girl and then gave Milroe all the reps and the starting job. It's clear that little Tyler couldn't handle that SEC lifestyle. I'm not even sure why you'd want a guy like this on your squad, definition of a social media player, and is just gonna receive free blowjobs every fucking broadcast about how he rode pine at Bama and was Milroes little good girl in praccy. I mean this kid just doesn't have that level of grit that you want, doesn't seem like that manual labor, plastic bottle whiskey, camel blues, wearing a doorag kind of guy. I mean I just don't think this guy has the mental aspect down. Just my thoughts folks.

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