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Transfer Portal Crystal Balls

Can't wait to see this heat up even more over the summer. It makes things interesting, that moron Mike Pressler really gave up coaching in college because he couldn't handle it. Lmao.

Christian Mule, Lehigh- Duke

Chris likes to keep it simple, loves Wine Wednesday, and loves blondes. I'm 99% sure this stud will be headed to Durham in the fall and continuing in his brother's footsteps as the Man Up specialist. Along with this, his boy Tommy Schelling former Lehigh legend who transferred to Duke would reportedly call him weekly telling him how elite the blondes are there. Safe to say Chris is sold, would be surprised if he heads anywhere else.

Thomas Greenblatt, Binghamton- Penn State

This needs to happen. This is only fitting, and I assume it is going to happen. Thomas has been seeing another Bing legend lighting it up on and off the field, that being Kevin Winkoff at Penn State. We are 99% sure another Bing Legend will be in state college tearing it up again next year and for good reason.

Chayse Ierlan, Cornell- Georgetown

I would say Cuse, but Chayse sucks and wouldn't beat out Will Mark for a starting spot. This seems like it makes the most sense for him.

Mac Eldridge, Virginia- Cuse (Cold)

Wouldnt be surprised if he ends up staying, not really sure why he'd leave considering he would probably have the staring spot secured. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery, but I could see him heading to the orange. Syracuse's piece to the puzzle missing is their fogo and he would immediately fill that fogo need. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Devon Mclane, Brown- Duke

Mr. Noise Complaint is looking to tear it up for his final run, and I can only imagine he's going to be doing it with cousins Liam and Colin in Durham. Mclane is an absolute nailgun, could likely see him inserted into their offense as a sneaky goalscorer and be a great addition to the team. Maybe he could teach them the ways to party and help the Blue Devils taste gold in 2024.

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