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Top Performers of Week 6

Levi Anderson, St Joes

This guy can flat-out play, 8 goals, and 2 apples for the hawk's star attackman. Coming from a box background this kid knows 2 things, Scoring goals and packing fat lips and that's what we saw from him this weekend. Great Job Levi and keep up the excellent work!

Johnny Hacket, Bryant

I have referred to Bryant before as a team full of "Rhode Island Scumbags" because of their rigged win over Quinnipiac, however, this guy played great Saturday and proved me wrong. 7 goals and 1 assist over in a big win over UMBC. I also heard he had a nice time discussing his faith with his teammates after the win, Great work Johnny!

Colin Kelly, Canisius

Leading them to a big win over a strong Marist team, the 6'3 attackman hailing out of Central New York had a slight 7 goals. I've heard he's quite the sender and Colin probably had a great night. Great work this week Colin!

Stephen Avery, Denver

Stephen Avery, Nashvegas native, running down the alley and collecting another talley all game. This guy was on fire with 7 goals off 9 shots and led the Pios to a big win at home over Ohio State. I hope Steve didn't pay for any drinks that night. Great job this week Stephen!

Thomas Greenblatt, Binghamton

Ahhhh, the Facilitator, 1 goal and 6 assists for the Binghamton beast in their win over Merrimack, and can we recognize how well Bing has been playing lately? Even with the loss of legend Kev Winkoff the Bearcats have been playing tremendously well. I wouldn't expect anything less from these Nailguns considering it has been ranked in the top 10 for party schools nationwide.

Matthew Minicus, Loyola

Is Minicus the most Ferda Freshman? Surely he's top 5, the young phenom had 7 goals and an assist in a tight game against Bucknell. Now I have witnessed these Loyola guys party in the inner harbor before and they go hard, so I'm going to guess this young gentleman had himself a night and he deserves it. An outstanding performance this weekend, Great job Matt!

Pat Kavanaugh, Notre Dame

All roads lead back to the Irish, Pkav, probably the Tewaarton frontrunner led Notre Dame to a massacre win over Michigan on Pride and inclusivity day at Michigan Lacrosse Stadium with 4 goals and 6 assists. He was just having fun out there, ripping btbs, throwing darts, smoking darts. Pats a hard worker and a great leader and I heard he and brother Chris had some well deserved fun in Ann Arbor and got into a wrestling match over who was going to spend some alone time with Michigan QB JJ Mccarthys smoke show girlfriend. I just want to know who won. Great work this weekend Pat!

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