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Top Performers of week 4

Aidan Mclane, Brown

These Mclane kids not only can't stay out of the brown sorority houses but our top performers list too, Cousin Aiden with absurd production out of the midfield with 5 genos and 2 apples in their win over Stony Brook. Great stuff Aiden!

Billy Coyle, Cornell

He led the team with 4 goals and two assists in a team win over Ohio State. Despite his small stature at 5'7, this guys a studmuffin. Great work Billy!

Jojo Pirecca, Marist

6 genos in a big win for the foxes over Bucknell, Marist seems to be a rising stock that I've bought into. Great culture up in Poughkeepsie and these guys only wheel tens. Great stuff Jojo!

Jacob Angelus, Hopkins

With 2 goals and 6 apples to get a much needed juice win for the jays, the Northern Virginia legend is back. Dude was slinging lasers all game and took home an absolute rocket that night per my sources. Great work Jake!

Will Mark, Syracuse

Usually, we only put guys who won on here, but I feel this is an exception. Mark had like 27 saves or some shit facing a Duke team full of shootas. If this dude didn't show up in this game it would've been a blowout, great work Will!

Sean Donnelly, Drexel

Stud stepped up big time for the Dragons in a barn burner against SHU and had 7 goals off just 12 shots. Is that good? Being an Img academy product I wouldn't expect anything else, they really do breed absolute nailguns in Bradenton.

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