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The Over Cashes, Brennan O’Neil and Duke Survive in OT

A few words to describe this game are sloppy shit show. This game proved to be entertaining but was a hot mess. Guys were slipping all over the place and the refs were dog shit at some points. Brennan O'Neil once again proved why he is that fucking guy. He stung the OT winner top shelf. He is definitely going to be getting active tonight. Might fuck around and end up having an orgy. Andrew Macadorey continues to blow cock. He had one decent goal but his second was a fluke. He might one of the most disappointing #1 recruits of recent memory. Duke's goalie Will Helm is also not good. The D3 transfer from St. Laurence has about as much talent as my left nut. Safe to say he won't be getting any puss tonight. Hopefully he can get back on track. In terms of Denver, they played a pretty good game. The bounce of the ball just didn't go their way in the end. Alec Stathakis is a tank. If you bet the over, I'm sure your dick is pretty hard right now. Going into the late stages of the 4th it didn't look like it would hit, but the betting gods came through. I am now 2/2 on the O/U in the last 2 games. I guess it's safe to say I'm pretty erect myself right now. Gonna have to call up the Mrs. to settle things down. Going into tomorrow don't expect anything to change, as we have a loaded slate that will get any lax fan stiff. Hope to see some battles tomorrow.

Once again, congrats to my dear friend Greg Swisher's son, Gunnar on making varsity as a freshman!! And scoring his first career goal against his rival the Eastern Shore Hijackers!! Way to go Gunnar!!

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