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Syracuse vs Maryland

Okay, cuse got fucking robbed in my eyes. Back when I played, this soft goal mouth bullshit didn’t exist, I was concussed 36 times throughout my career throwing myself around. This is worse than the pass interference rule in football. Big Hammer Leo didn’t have anywhere to turn when running towards the goal. The ball went in well before his fucking fingertips grazed Mcnaneys scrotum in the goal mouth. 3 big fucks all falling into him also may have had something to do with where he ended up. Might have to apply for a referee position to stop this fuckery. Remember when that 36 year old walked his pet cat Sebastian through the crease in the final four last year and then let out a ferocious pedo screech? Yea that’s the time to make a fucking call stripes. It’s the regular season so I won’t beat my wife over this, but my son Gunnar is gonna have himself a rough night once I finish this sixer. He also fucking sucks he’s on JV as a junior this year it’ll be well deserved. Also Gary needs to stop flirting with the refs throughout the game. Nips were harder than my Oak Carved shaft I received from a local Algonquian tribe. D Coordinator should be cuses head coach, absolute man rocket as well.

At the end of the day, these two teams are fucking gross. Cuse has entered the serious contender conversation while Maryland already was. Rhoa, Leo, Figueiras, Erksa, Ajacked, and koras were my players of the game in the field. Will Mark must have found Kohns Kohke stash before the game good lord he was on one. Erksa is marylands best player by a mile on offense give the ball every time. Game of the year by a mile.

Cuse boys: Enough with the btb shit, if you have a braid coming out the back of your bucket it’s fine.

Maryland boys: Glaze Ajax a bit tonight.

Quick shoutout to Drexel goalie Drew McGill by the way. Met him at a kombucha bar last year and we cried about the political state of the country for hours. Guy pretty much lives in a Kona Surf Shop and wears his glasses everywhere he goes, including swimming in the ocean. Stood on his head against UMBC. Drexel is a fun team to watch, Drew please date my daughter.

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