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Syracuse Still Blows

After watching the Syracuse vs. Vermont game, I have come to a conclusion: Syracuse still blows horn

. The Faceoff guy is mid as hell, Ballsack Spallina is slow, unathletic and lost out there. I get it, he's a freshman in his first game, but going 1/15 or whatever is unacceptable. The clear was sloppy the whole day as our d mids looked like a bunch of blind mice out there. It is clear that the fellas are not ripping enough stews at all this season. Fuck it, maybe throw in some Newports or boxed wine. At this point you need to try anything to win. Ditch the Kappa Kappa Gamma house and start ripping the Tri Delts. Stop going for brunettes and strictly chase blondes. If there are any positives about the game, I will say that Finn Thompson is a stud and Will Mark is that fucking guy. He definitely got a tremendous amount of pussy on Saturday night. The point is, the boys need to send more or they will continue to lose. Also, where the fuck was Griffin Cook. I'd love to see him out on the pitch.

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