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Syracuse, N.Y. is a Goalie Hot Bed!

Over the weekend we saw two of the best goalie performances of the last few years. Jamo MacLachlan out of Stony Brook had 23 saves and 1 assist in a 11-7 loss to Rutgers. Luke Staudt out of Loyola had 19 saves in a huge 12-7 win vs. #1 Maryland. One thing these guys have in common: they both hail from the great city of Syracuse. Built on Marby Reds and Natty Lite, all these guys know is grit. A hard hat and lunch pail type of guys. They don't care if all the blondes are cuffed, they will improvise, adapt and overcome, and get nasty with the brunettes. They both love causing chaos on Frat row and setting up shop in the Tri Delt house on Friday nights. Back in 2019, these guys faced off against each other when their respective schools competed in an instant classic in a historic Syracuse rivalry. Jamo, a sophomore at the time, bested Staudt in a 8-7 overtime victory. Rumor has it Jamo fucked the shit out of Staudt's girl, and then treated her to a nice Wendy's 4 for 4 and some Strawberry Kiwi pen rips. All jokes aside though, these guys are the new face of collegiate goaltending, and it makes it even better that they are from the same electric factory of Syracuse, N.Y.

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