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Scott Pfeiffer: From Sending to Saving

Not many people know this man's story, but it was so striking and inspiring that I had to share it. As an under-the-radar goalie recruit out of Highschool, Scott Pfieffer decided to take the route of many individuals in today's lacrosse world; play club lacrosse in college. Scott came on to campus at the University of Maryland with big aspirations, one: Meet women, two: rise from the club level to earn a spot on the varsity lacrosse squad. However, these aspirations faded over time, and Scott had a new dream. He became a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, and his lacrosse aspirations quickly flipped to become a fraternal phenom. He did achieve these dreams, Darty after Darty, Mixer after Mixer, and Send after Send. One night he received a call from big man Coach Tillman and everything changed. National Treasure and first-team AA goalie Logan Mcnaney went down with an ACL tear leaving only two goalies on the roster, Teddy Dolan and Cousin Rupp. Scott was offered the position of third-string from Coach Tillman which he immediately accepted. From getting blasted every weekend in frat basements, to signing balls for little kids and being an inspiration in the college park community, Scott truly is a stud.

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