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Rutherfurd's Remarks: Fraudulent Yale and Xander Dickson

After seeing the committee's rankings during the Virginia ND game with Yale at 9 I was shocked. I think this is outrageous that they're even smelling the thought of a postseason. These bums have gotten blown out twice to Cornell and Princeton who both aren't really upper echelon S tier teams this year, especially Princeton, they lost to Penn State and Penn as well, both of those games were over early and Yale got a few goals in the 4th to make it look close. Not to mention their best win is Villanova on some BS first game of the year rainy day wildcats were hung type of deal and then Denver. I'd argue Cuse and UNC deserve a spot over these guys and maybe even Villanova. Hopefully, Cornell can just do us all a favor and give them a 20-piece like last time. I mean it's just outrageous at this point, like quint I know the Yale parents are giving you Amex access but cmon man stay true to the people you gotta let go of Yale. Brandau is bullshit, doesn't even eat box or score goals anymore, Chris Lyons is probably the only reason this team is not 0-13 and I'm not even going to get into how bad the defense is. Just wish they had Quinnipiac scheduled, then the people would see who the real kings of New Haven are.

Xander Dickson. The Slim Reaper, Malnourished Maestro, Sorority Sensation, whatever you want to call him, he's been nuclear this season. 1 goal away from breaking Diving Doug's single-season goal record and from what I have heard about to break the record for the number of nights slept in the Zeta house this semester as well. With all this, I think I'm going to say it, I think this dude is worthy of being a tewaarton finalist, he's been unstoppable off-ball, and even while dodging he was stinging corners today despite being built like a shoelace. I don't know what Quint had to drink or what kind of edible he ate before the broadcast but there is no shot you think Dickson is a second-rounder in the PLL draft. Not that I care about that league full of dudes who use rhino pills and steroids but I'd say he's a top 5 pick in the draft.



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