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Quinnipiac bounces back after fluke loss with win over Marist

If you didn't know last weekend Quinnipiac faced the most most one sided officiating and many other obstacles and still was able to take it to OT against wagner. My colleague Oswald wrote about it in his last article. Regardless the cats bounced back with a 14-12 win over a tough conference opponent Marist. John Delucia, the pride and joy of Hamden Ct led the way with 3 goals and 3 apples. The Italian stallion Nick DiMuccio with another masterclass with 12 saves, this guy continues to perform and pound 30ers week after week. I think this game obviously shows that when given their elf bars Quinnipiac is indeed a top 20 team and possibly natty title contenders. Adam Woodcock has told me they have been having joint party's with the hockey team to instill a winning culture and at these parties they've had a 10-1 girl to guy ratio. I smell greatness building in Hamden CT and expect to see some of these guys pulling a Stetson Bennet in New Haven tomorrow morning. Great win guys and go Cats!

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