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Preston's Favorite FOGO's

Hey! It's me Preston here, and I am SO back with my first article of the 2024 season. My dad hits me.

On this occasion, I'll be covering my top five favorite FOGO's in D1 thus far. To be honest, most FOGO's this year absolutely BLOW so if you even get a SNIFF of a mention from me, you are doing something right and should buy an eight ball for your entire FO unit.

  1. Mason Kohn - CUSE Mason Kohke is arguably one of the best college lacrosse players in the country right now. When he starred in puck at Tufts, the kid obviously didn't give a shit about lacrosse, in fact he didn't even bother to play "lax" his first two years. He rizzed up every girl as a potential two sport NESCAC rockstar and they didn't even know it yet. He knew. Then, he tried BLOW, instantly walked onto the Jumbo's stacked squad, and never looked back. He is crushing the X in every way imaginable right now for the Orangemen. He's also scoring goals, and stuffing loose holes as all the fellas do in Medford, MA including Boyden, who is now a Cavalier. Preston's Prediction: All-American season for the San Diego native (Kohke) and will get drafted to the PLL and eventually, he will 100% beat Mike Sisselburger over 50%. I can almost promise he gets to the PLL. I love cigarettes and Mason Kohke.

  2. Will Colletti - ARMY This kid fucks to say the least. I mean he's probably better than Mason Kohke just due to his sheer athleticism, his knack for ground balls, his love for the game, and may I add; his military experience (?). Kohke is very good though, so it's close. Look what Colletti did to Drip King last week. Drip King does not drink so it's hard to be good, I was expecting Colletti to dominate TBH. Anyways, Army's finest will always outwork the opposition ground balls wise and embarrass you in front of your whole fan base to win the game. Colletti is an absolute problem and one of the most influential players in Division 1 without a doubt. I can see him becoming either a first, second, or third Team AA this season. He's gritty and definitely would never pack a 3% Zyn. He could make it pro definitely, but I could also see him being in the FBI or something along those lines.

  3. Luke Wierman - MARYLAND Luke has been a staple in the FO game for years now. He's been hyped up so much and he definitely deserves it, he's way cooler than most of their loser players too who love to privately lactate to Olivia Rodrigo songs on Saturday night. Maryland honestly blows this year and none of the kids on their team do blow either, so they're essentially doomed to say the least. Wierman is WITHOUT A DOUBT is the only hope for the Terps. He's fast as fuck, sneaky off the ground, and he's not afraid to tuck the biscuit into the basket when it's a requirement. Luke knows he is great, he will obviously be an AA, but the sky is the limit for him this season. Take notes on this legend, I can see him doing great things this year and potentially dragging the shitty ass Terrapins into Championship Weekend. Without him, sorry fellas, no chance.

  4. Justin Coppola - NOVA Justin has been a mainstay at Villanova for years. He definitely is small as fuck. He reminds me of Thomas the Tank Engine, or a Garden Gnome from Disney Channel, or Aaron Hernandez. Nah, definitely not Aaron, but he reminds me of the other two. He is probably 5'6. He is good as fuck though. I've watched him a lot and he can keep it even with the best of them, you name it, this kid will match their energy and probably shotgun a Miller Lite postgame with recent grad student Thomas McIntyre (Holy Cross alum), who was highlighted last year by our staff for being an Electric Legend. The shitty losers he will always smack no doubt, but he can 100% hang with the Managing Directors of the FO X in Division 1, and probably out-best them. He's also great with the ball and he will barely ever turn it over. He's been slept on for a while. I like this kid a lot and he's been one of the most slept on FO men in college lacrosse since he stepped on campus for the 'Cats.

  5. I was gonna highlight one more player but I am fucking hammered LOL. So here are a few honorable mention breakout FOGO's who I personally think will do great, and I am the fucking man so they will obviously do good as fuck. Anthony Ghobriel - UVA (he's unreal but idk what to write about him since he went to Navy before and that school does NOT have afters. Logan Callahan - JHU Luke Romanek - SHU Jared Chenoy - Richmond Tommy Burke - OSU Chase Patterson - Hofstra (I think he's a seventh year but he is still good af)

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