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Prep School Pre Season Rankings

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

  1. Brunswick

Brunswick is Upper Decky Lacrosse's 1. Where do we start? The fine men of Wick' lax have been highly recruited for a reason, it starts with the coaching and the work ethic. Brunswick is like that quiet kid in high school who ends up banging the hottest girl in your high school. Hoffman, Delgado, Donavan all have created a winning standard at Wick that's flown under everyones radar. Don't be surprised when these nail guns show up in black and yellow then smoke you like Wiz Khalifa.

2. Salisbury

Really no surprise here, Bury' is fresh off their Geico National Championship win over the taft school and they return some of their biggest studs. Marco Wimmershoff is back in goal and ready to tear that shit up, Brady Wambach will fucking eat you and Trey Deere is a fucking beauty, I saw him beat someones ass in a rec leauge. Im not sure Bury' is a lock to keep number 2, with hard competition and Bury' being the prep that parties the least don't be surprised if they drop to 3 or 4.

3. Taft

Taft will be looking to avenge their championship loss against #2 Bury'. They have the tools, Moynihan, Whipple, and Levy gonna run that attack line and likely rip the twine... and start fucking DJing.(Taft has the best Cellys) Could be one of the best attack lines in the country. Friedman will get the start in goal to replace Riccardeli... big shoes to fill there. Taft school is like "that guy" a bunch of guys who know how to have good times and play lacrosse at the highest level. Will be exciting to see how far they go this season and look to bring another championship home.

4. IMG Academy

Welcome to Florida JIT, these IMG kids are raw, not too flashy but seem to have good chemistry and they got it figured out. Have you ever smoked a cigarette in a casino in Tampa, then realized you have an 8 AM class the next day? These IMG boys will rip the corner of the net, start head butting each other and get weird into the night and through to the morning. Don't let Stobaugh pump your auntie, he leads this gunning team. Excited to see how far they go in yoffs'

5. Culver Academy

Gotta give credit where credit is due, Culver has sculpted an impressive roster with a bunch of disciplined determined kids, they seem to never party which is a red flag. None the less a solid squad that will prolly pull off some impressive victories.

6. The Hill School

7. Deerfield

8. Mcdonogh

McCabe Million keeps these dudes relevant. Mac Christmas is one of the most powerful LSM's in the country, will these guys run it back as the MIAA champs?

9. Chaminade

Chaminade is a power house. Half of their games are NYSPHAA and half are prep. Hard to cage this teams full potential. Definitely a team full of beauty who party hard on Long Island.

10. St Johns

St Johns sneaks onto our top ten, with the hardcore competition it will be interesting to se how this team can compete, the best 24' recruit and big tasty, who will eat the ball. Could go very well or very bad, comes down to senior leadership in my opinion.

HM: St Ants

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