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Penn State exposes Yale

Jeff Tambroni has some sneaky shit up his sleeve when it comes to playing Yale. He's beat them two years in a row, and with last season being as shit as it was for him, pumping the shit out of a tournament team in the Yale Bulldogs is quite the accomplishment. The game this year started off 7-1 or some shit, looking like Penn State was running a train on Handsome dan the Bulldog, but the Elis got their shit together and made it a game. Unfortunately, the boys from Happy Valley had slightly bigger balls. Brothers Matt and Jack Traynor combined for 9 points on the day, and TJ Malone had 5 points. On the defensive end, goalie Jack Fraycon played out of his fucking mind with 15 saves. Jack Posey had Brandau in his pocket all game, and probably had the right to pipe his girl after containing him to just 1g, 2a. Penn State is looking great, with their lone loss coming against a buzzing Nova squad. They have a gauntlet ahead of them, as they'll Penn, Cornell, Maryland, OSU, Hop, and Rutgers. Not sure if they have the fucking stones to get it done, but I can expect them to continue give those teams a good fight. Yale on the other hand might be in shambles if they don't feed Thomas Bragg and his howitzer more often. Chris Lyons can find twine, but if Brandau continues to get bitched like he did against PSU, their future is not bright.

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