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Number 1 Recruit Mccabe Millon Flips from Duke to Virginia

Updated: Feb 19

In this day and age with NIL and the transfer portal you can really never count on recruits keeping their word.This is a big loss for the Blue Devils as Millon was their only attackman in the class of 2023. However they still have 3 top 10 recruits in the class with gunslinger midfielder Benn Johnston, Long stick midfielder Mac Christmas, and Duke legacy Tomas Delgado. This flip does make Virginia a scary team in the future as they have been killing it with the recruiting; they have 3 of the top ten recruits in the incoming class and two number 1 recruits. I would say they've had the number 1 recruit 4 times in the past 6 years except Griffin Shutz doesn't count. We all know the number 1 recruit in the 2021 class was Andrew Macadory and I can only speculate what Shutz did to get that ranking changed because he was pretty unimpressive this past season. All in all, my take on this is that this isn't the greatest pickup for Virginia, they are going to have a surplus of talent and everyone is going to have an ego and the chemistry will never work out. I will not be surprised if we see a lot of these guys entering the transfer portal. These next few years will truly prove if Lars Tiffany is the best coach in college lacrosse because as we saw with duke in 2020, John Danowski was given all the talent in the world similar to this scenario and had a pretty disappointing season getting smashed by Maryland at championship weekend.

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I don't think you can get much better than this kid in terms of an all around attack man in this class. Great feet, great stick, crafty, can pound some Nooners or Miller lites. This kid is the definit

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