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Navy fondles Hopkins in OT

Wow, what a game from the fucking midshipmen. After having their bus get hit by my buddy Pratt driving back from dinner hammered, to their second bus driver ripping a little too much ketamine, and then finally making it to face a hopkins team fueled by some russel Melendez and Paul Rabil pregame speeches, the whole navy squad decided to rip some K after stealing some of their bus drivers leftover stash and went to fucking work on the night. Xaiver Arline had some flashes of his 2019 shoreham wading river highschool self and was finding twine all game. Certified beauty Henry tolker fucked around and had a few Genos as well but the story of this game was big dick Dan Daly. You know you might see the stats and be like oh only 59 save percentage but these stats are corrupt as fuck, this dude had the Hopkins offense in a mental fucking blender all game. Heard him yelling at russel Melendez about his dumbass instagram posts all fucking game and proceeded to slide into his chicks dorm after leaving the locker room. Great work Dan! The navy defense put on an absolute clinic so much to the fact that Quint Kessenich went from doing as best he could to glaze Garret Degnon ( even after he missed on the crease five times to nearly busting when tolker nearly buried it at the end of regulation. And don't forget Brandon "Judas" Avilles having the dirtiest fucking play in lacrosse history after shoving his stick right into Justin Queens Johnson on the wing with like 2 minutes left, absolutely insane no call on that. As for the broadcast, I'm not sure who this bitch on it was but she would not shut the fuck up, like let me drink my Kona big waves and watch aj marsh (former McDonough legend) go to work. I mean what the fuck. For Hopkins, not sure what this means. Maybe tell Melendez to start wearing black cleats again. Maybe have Brooks English rip a sauna date with a bird. Just gotta get the team buzzing again. Great tilt tonight, stoked for the games this weekend, Cheers.

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