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My favorite highlight tapes of all time! plus ECD Greg's

This time each year, kids are putting out their summer highlight tapes to send to college coaches, or to put in their insta bio to hopefully get some clout. I for one have seen a couple thousand of these tapes and I beg you fuckers to stop using the song Runaway (U& I). There are so many other sick songs to use.

To better understand this complex and nuanced art, we talked to an expert in the field, someone who has been around the game, and not to mention was a d3 gunslinger at Etown. ECD Greg's nominations seem a little biased considering he made most of them, but they are all incredibly well put together, and are alongside a few other classics that he wanted to throw out there. Huge thanks to Greg for his input.

ECD Greg's nominations (all valid) :

Marcus's nominations:

Walker Wallace

Just watch this shit. Goalie highlight tapes are usually pretty ass with the exception of a goalie goal or sick hit but this puts them all to shame. Now he plays LSM after his ex girlfriend stung 8 on him with a fiddle stick over the summer. He’s balling at Cornell and is absolutely leather.

Matt Gibson

Matt Gibson has silky mitts. His stick is an extension of his body. Certainly plays for the creator, and is certainly up there for the most dank smoked in Yale history. Cheers matt

Dom Pietramala

I'd be lying if I said this video didn't give me a full chub the first, second, and third times I watched it. I especially liked the part when Dom put it in his right hand. @winniecash has a way with videos.

David Muti

This is the type of shit I like to see. If you’re gonna make a senior highlight tape I expect it to be a cinematic experience like David’s. Roll skids

Dan Shay

Here we have possibly the most unique tape of them all. Dan Shay, who has a sick ass name, also has the second best hands I've ever seen. The song choice is unique but matches the video's overall vibe. Dan, a 2018 graduate of Archbishop Spalding, has 2 years of eligibility left at Marquette and I expect him to use them accordingly to tear up some beav.

Brendan Grimes

Another video by Winston Chodnicki, and another lefty attackman out of boys latin. Big hefty dude who can sling the rock. I'm expecting a lot out of Grimes these next two years at Hop but nothing can top the number of freckled brunette Baltimore broads he banged after his tape dropped.

Juanny Ford

Sick name and certified beauty. Basically a lift check compilation plus a few fortnite clips

Chris Walker

Watching this is a canon event for all middle school kids who play pole. This dude just goes out and whacks the shit out of everybody while having sick dangles and a couple nice over the head checks. Don't think he panned out at Georgetown but he's easily pulling in 6 figures now and might've had an illegitimate child with Kevin Warne's daughter.

Matt Landis

Landis is one of the greatest to ever do it, and now hes a fuckin Marine. Once this tape transitions to Emotional by Flux Pavilion it really takes off, I always love watching this and would recommend it to any washed up poles who may not have viagra on their person and need a stiffy. Cheers

Ryder garnsey

Not much to say, the video speaks for itself. Just skip to 1:14 to see why

Brennan Oneill

We could’ve put any one of his on here but this one made the cut because of sicko mode. Expect an article about Uncle B in the next coming week or so

Honorable mentions: Not a player's highlight tape but this shit had me ready to run through a cinder block wall.

Would like to mention that we will forever remember Nater's "Dan Bucaro Highlights" to the tune of Dreams- Dan Farber/No Money - Galantis. Rest in power

There was also a Matt Kavanagh-Matty ICE video that I couldn’t find so shoutout that too

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