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Miller Lite Mike scores electric game winner, keeps Cuses postseason hopes alive

This was quite a damn game that's for sure, although Quint and Anish blowing hot air for half the broadcast made it almost unbearable. Anyways, the setting was electric, DMV, tons of young nailguns on the sidelines watching, both teams fans had big showings. It only makes me wonder if PJ Zynsner was healthy, would've been even crazier. Anyways, been impressed with the Orange lately, despite Owen Hiltz being a shadow of his freshman self and just ripping darts and stinging the occasional low to high every now and then, the freshman have been incredible. The Harrys gremlins have been showing up week in and week out, and now it's starting to come together. Cousin Joey with 9 points last weekend and having 2 clutch goals against UNC to give them the lead in the 4th quarter. Obviously, Miller Lite Mike Leo not giving a fuck and dodging on a pole with 10 seconds left and winning the fucking game. I bet Jordan Vincent let Mike slide to the Alpha Phi house with him when they got back to Syracuse and have some fun. The seniors for Cuse started putting on some vintage performances, certified UpperDecky stallion Griffin Cook played the best game in recent memory, stinging corners and having fun, looking like his Jamesville Dewitt self from back in the day. Brandon Avilles even had a flash of his Ward Melville days running downhill and stinging twine sidearm for an electric geno in the 4th. Will Mark, playing fantastic per usual. I mean we have yet to come out with ACC team party rankings, but we'd probably say Cuse is number 1, and it makes it even more impressive that they are winning games and deserve to make the tournament. They don't have a single bad loss, and even in their losses the only non close one is ND, and everyone knows that was borderline Mickey Mouse. Like Uncle Entemann you're my favorite but like Finn Thompson scored that goal bro. Anyways, hats off to the Orange, I'm incredibly interested to see how the rest of the season pans out for them. Cheers!

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