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Mid Majors to Watch out for

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Robert Morris

Bobby Mo is always a team from the trenches. Built on Canadian grit. Fellas are always slinging the rock around on the pitch. Not sure if girls even exist in the deep depths Pennsylvania so these guys are lazer focused on winning. Should be a fun year.

St. Bonaventure

The Bonnies are a team that has been trending upward the last few years. These guys are running through the MAAC. Another team built on Canadian grit. Another school that has more cases of Natty Light floating around campus than women. These guys r gonna get wins and then crush some brews. Another fun team to watch out for in May.


Joining the new A-10, these guys arguably have the most post season experience out of all the teams. They have been known to upset the blue bloods in first round games. I expect them to upset Richmond or St. Joes and then win in the first round of the tourney.

Stony Brook

They have been knocking for the last few years but have yet to win their conference. Now in the new and improved CAA, I expect them to make some noise. Led by the sud Dylan Pallonetti and a fucking stalwart in cage, Jamo Maclachlan, they can upset Delaware in their conference tourney.

Mount Saint Mary's

After all of the conference re-alignment, I believe that this team got the best draw. Now in the always-shitty MAAC, the saints are bound for a breakout year. The can recruit all of the B-list players out of the MIAA and DMV. They should run a train on everyone in the conference. This is a Michelob Ultra type school, so expect them to have some class on the weekends.

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