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Marcus's week 8 player spotlight Kalman "Kalamander" Kraham

This was the first week that we let YOU, the followers of upperdeckylax, choose the player spotlight. We had an outpouring of support for our boy Kalman Kraham, otherwise known as Kitty. Even his girl nominated him! I first saw Kalman in a Miles Du Bois pickup lax vlog, ripping backhand ginos with what looked like a blue razz lemonade elf bar in his left sock and a vodka red bull in his gatorade bottle. No wonder he scored 4 goals and the OT game winner! However, since then, I've heard he has made the in game switch to Zyns, and in a recent conversation with Kalman, we learned that he is racking up a whopping 7 ZPG (Zyns Per Game). That leads all of Division 1, 2, and 3! Frankly, he's putting up mens league numbers! On the field, Kitty has 22 points so far this year, as well as a sneaky 13 gbs for a buzzing Lafayette squad. Sure, they lost to a couple good Patriot league teams. And sure, they lost to Drexel and Delaware. However, I blame the fact that they boys keep showing up hung and can't tell their right from left. Once they start enforcing any sort of a 48 hour rule they'll start winning games, and might be able to teabag UVA in their regular season finale.

Kalamander with Freeman twins, circa 2022

On most nights of the week, Kalman can be frequently seen at Milos Place bar, where he gets lots of jagerbombs and scrolls through the weather app. I've also heard Kalman makes a great wingman to the legendary Freeman twins (seen above), who consistently wheel dimes and aren't afraid to participate in a threesome. They rizz up broads and then show em how they do it back in Illinois! Kalman himself is currently cuffed, and treats his girl like a true princess. However, nobody is perfect. I heard he got kicked off aux after playing Trip to the hood by Lil mabu, on repeat, over the bus speakers on the 6 hour ride down to Hampton. Happens to the best of us! Pregame, Kalman can be found playing Piano Tiles 3 while drinking a cold Mug root beer. Apparently it gets you dialed. And it seems to be working. Can't wait to see what he and the leopards have in store for us the rest of the year. Cheers Kitty!

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