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Marcus's week 6 player spotlight: Owen Grant, University of Delaware

This guy is a textbook Canadian beauty. Coming in at 6'3", 230, you wouldn't want to mess with him. Like fuck, if Big Boy Grant dropped gloves with my boy Percival I don't think I would slide for bro. If he tried to start some shit with me, I would most definitely leave the premises. This happened yesterday when Russell "Cals" Melendez gave UD goalie Matt Kilkeary a few too many love taps on the ride in the 4th quarter of the JHU Delaware game. Owen "Guinness" Grant had to come through as the enforcer and gave a nice rib jab, I heard he said "My left nut dangles better than you" (Classic canadian banter), to which Russ dutifully backed off toward his own bench and Daddy Milliman. Russell Melendez may be gross, but some of the shit he posts on instagram makes me question his sexuality. He also had the same amount of goals as Owen Grant did yesterday (1). Nonetheless he has some of the best calves in college lacrosse so like fuck he can do what he wants.

Owen Grant, hailing from the streets of Ontario, has been the toughest guy in the room since his balls dropped. On top of that, he's fucking disgusting and certainly will be an Upper Decky All America selection come May. As a pole, he has 14g, 5a in his career, which has also seen 105 caused turnovers and 141 gbs. PLL coaches, NLL coaches, and the female population at Delaware are all drooling at those stats. He's also a 2x reigning CAA defensive player of the year, first round 2022 NLL draft pick, and I heard he has over 200 career fortnite wins. Rather than water in his gatorade bottle, he has the athletic trainer pour him up some lager. I hear he has Molson for home games and Moosehead for away games. This guy is a grade A beauty, and I can't wait to see him and the blue hens get rowdy this spring. Cheers Owen!

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