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Marcus's week 4 player spotlight: Brent McVicker

Wow, this guy is a true stallion! With him on the wings, the Nittany Lions are 4-1 on the season and have sonned two Ivy League opponents in a row. As my colleague Chet said, these guys could be serious contenders for the big ten title, especially if they keep to their strict off field habits of blondes and natty lites. Brent McVicker here has done his part this year with his fair share of CTOs and gbs, while laying the wood on and off the field. Can't wait to see what these fine fellas have in store for Cornell next weekend, especially if certified beauty Chase Mullins can keep up the good work at the stripe, he may pipe the Kirst's mom next weekend before giving Angelo Petrakis an on field "prostate exam". We may have a staff member on site to witness the onslaught.

McDicker has the best of both worlds, growing up in high class Annapolis, and then attending IMG academy where they learn the real world applicable skills of how to go to the bar and womanize. Safe to say he's been college ready since middle school. Great guy to have over and sip mimosas or rip darts, but when you get down and start shottying, this guy WILL be wearing his bud light on his t shirt. Despite having a hog of a stache, his hair looks like he touches electrical wires for fun. Judging solely by the girth of his neck, I can infer that he's been in a gym on occasion. Despite this, I've heard his girlfriend can rock his shit. Also he is absolutely petrified of small animals after getting his left nut bit by a raccoon while trying to 'tan every part of his body'. Now whenever he sees squirrels, skunks, Tambroni's wife, or anything else resembling a raccoon, he runs to hide in his dorm where he trips on an lsd tab and plays Mario Kart. Now, I would say this guy has a howitzer in his pants, if he weren't overcompensating with his car. His girl likes to be flipped on her back in the back seat of "The Batmobile", which is lifted with big ass wheels to make sure everybody knows he's that guy. With the tinted windows, he ensures nobody will see the action going on inside. He has easily the loudest engine on campus, to cover up him blasting t swift and olivia rodrigo on the way to praccy. With this being said, my guy B-rock can definitely send and get after it with the boys, while also being a stand up guy. Definitely dating for marriage and can talk to parents like nobody's business. Hoping he and the guys from state college can finish the Ivy League trifecta this weekend. LETS GO TERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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