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Marcus's week 2 Player Spotlight: Nick Caccamo

This guy's a beast. Hailing from the ferda hotbed of Suffolk county, he played on a legendary Team 91 Crush team with the likes of Uncle B, Xavier Arline, Andrew McAdorey, and his now-Cuse teammates Tyler Cordes and Joey Spallina. These guys would get after it following their Naptown dubs, and Coach Joe Spallina would have them at Annapolis bars as young as 6th grade. Now, Nick earned the starting role in Dave Pietramala's defense as a freshman last year and hasn't looked back. His physical play, active stick, and high lax IQ sets him apart from other defenders. He'll pick off a skip pass against UVA and then pick your girl up in his whip. He's quite the womanizer. You can always count on him to get a couple caused turnovers and then be at Harry's until 5 am.

Coming in as a transfer from Yale, you know he's got his shit together in the classroom. Rumor has it that he transferred to Syracuse because of the dome, and I'm not only talking about the stadium. One look at the chicks in Tri Delta and he was ready to tell Gait that he was coming. Can't wait to see what Nick Cock-camo can get done this year on and off the field.

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