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2024 Zynwaarton Nominees

First round voting will commence this week on our instagram, stay tuned.

Pj Zynsner (midfield, UNC)

Adam woodcock (midfield, Quinnipiac)

Payton Cormier (Attack, UVA)

Walker Wallace (LSM, Cornell)

Tj Malone (Attack, lacrosse)

Jack Fracyon (Goalie, Penn state)

Dylan Donnery (Quinnipiac)

Billy Dwan (defense, Cuse)

Tommy Drago( Man down, Cuse)

Dutch Furlong (Attack, Bucknell)

Jordan Vincent (Defense, Cuse)

Will Barnes (Goalie, BU)

Evan Plunkett (Midfield, Army)

Shane Knobloch (Midfield, Rutgers)

Mason COak (Goalie, qpack)

Mason Kohke (Fogo, cuse)

Will Mark (goalie, Cuse)

Patrick Hackler (Midfield, Yale)

AJ Pilate (Defense, Army)

Jack Posey (defense, Penn state)

Ty Banks (defense, Georgetown)

Kade Goldberg (midfield, Georgetown)

Johnny Hartzell (Fogo, Colgate)

Bennet Ong (goalie, Army)

Ian Wolfsgruber (Bayreuth University Germany)

Cole Doller (Attack)(Drexel)

Tyler Shwarz (Defense, UNC) (well hung)

Stevie Finnell (midfield, Duke)

Will Helm (Goalie, Duke) (Slu legend)

Ajax Zappatiello (Defense, Maryland)

Scott Pfieffer (Goalie, Maryland)

Liam Entenmenn (Goalie, Notre Dame)

Cam Hitchcock (Defense, Dartmouth)

Reid Colwell (Defense, Villanova)

Wyatt Furda (Attack, Colorado College)

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