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Loyola vs Towson and Syracuse vs Army, plus a few other thoughts.

Updated: Apr 18

Okay boys, I’m currently sitting in my glass walled office on the 76th floor overlooking all the homeless bums who ask me for money everytime I leave the office. Also staring at my two assistants Chastity and Caroline, they’re wearing the pink blouses I bought them, and I’m rock fucking hard. The thing is, I’m stiffed for the weekday games we have on deck, not their voluptuous knockers. #FuckHR #NotARealJob

Starting with a very underrated rivalry in lacrosse, Towson vs Loyola. Anytime two teams from Maryland play, you know there will be injuries. Adam Poitras, evan james and the man the myth minicus will be looking to have a big bounce back following a bit of a skid. Loyola is underperforming big time, I think they’re more talented than what their results show. They win this and they’re back on track. Towson on the other hand has been heating up since getting fisted by Hopkins. That win over st joes was a big statement. St joes is no easy opponent and Mikey Weisshaar slapped his meat on their foreheads like a true hero. Towson is a scary team right now so this game will be interesting. No matter what happens, I just want to see some big hits and a lot of shit talking. I’m going to do everything I can to instigate a fight. Don’t let me down boys, make this our game of the week.

Those who know me know I love the orange. They also know I have Reese burek posters hung up in my man cave. Faceoff dot will be a big part of this game. Will Colletti’s johnson is rumored to be known as the A-10 thunderbolt around campus. His faceoff percentage reflects that. He gets his first challenge at the dot against mason kohkaine. I expect Colletti to have the slight edge around 55% but this will be a war. In goal it’s hard to not take will mark but chesster is not someone to take lightly. Remember though, Bennet ong is the best goalie in the stadium. Guy saved 37 people from a fire last weekend and had a burger with extra ketchup as a reward. Great guy. I expect both offenses to get it going early. Eicher and burek vs Spallina and Hiltz. Plunket and Morin vs Leo and rhoa. Army brings the grit, cuse brings the flare.

Love both these teams but I think Cuse has the edge tomorrow. Prediction is 14-11 cuse. Army is a very very good team, but I think this is the first setback they have. Don’t be troubled, they’ll be fine and are still my final four dark horse. This is their first real test though, can’t win em all.

Winner of this game is my favorite to face Quinnipiac in the natty this year.

Other than that, just a quick weekend recap.

Bryant you guys need to dial it the fuck in this week.

Pacc keep rolling.

Drexel give cole kluepfel a pole and throw him in there.

Ty banks is a monster.

Penn state is back.

Matt Brandau is 36 years old.

Ivy League teams wouldn’t last a day working a real man’s job.

Paul Rabil is still annoying.



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