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Liver King Leadmon fraudulently wins it for Duke in OT

Should it have been a goal? No. Should the refs be able to review that shit? Yes. Foot was in the crease, should have gone the other way, and Kevin "Two Pump" Winkoff would have hitched his way to a natty. But lets not get it twisted, that was one hell of a game. Back and forth, lots of good goals, lots of good plays, and gave the people a good showing. However it ended with a shitty call that left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a yearning desire to wield pitchforks and burn some shit.

TJ Malone played out of his fucking mind and dropped 8 points (6g, 2a) shooting 86% whilst Kevin Wankoff had a gino and 5 apples. Both Traynor bros had 2 pts and goalie Jack Frac had a solid 12 saves. For Duke, Helm (SLU Legend) had an abysmal day between the pipes, and only had 6 saves. I hear that since he had less than 30% saves today, Leadmon is gonna force gaynal on him in their shared Embassy Suites hotel room. Leadmon himself is an absolute beast, probably a nutjob but definitely eats bull testicles pregame to get his t levels maxed out. His final of 3 goals on the day is some of the shittiest officiating I've seen in awhile, the ref who couldn't see shit overruled the guy who actually saw it, without discussion. None at all. Could've talked it over, maybe taken a peek at the video board before making possibly the most important call of the game. But nah, they just put their arms up like they were bumping Party in the USA in a 2013 Loomis Chaffee dorm party. That ending made me very sad, my cock is super limp, and to make matters worse, Jack Posey didn't even play today. I might go drunk drive home and kill a racoon or a family of 4 tonight. Nothing is gonna heal me.

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