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Jacksonville-The most overrated team of 2023 already

You know I will give Jacksonville credit- they are a solid program that can win games and maybe make games against blue blood programs interesting. However, when we got guys saying Jacksonville is looking for championships... and putting them. right outside of the top ten, you've gotta draw a line. And I already can predict their season, win against Hopkins game 1, then get like 17-11d by Duke game 2. After these two games, they probably have the easiest schedule I have ever seen and they are going to finish the regular season 14-1 with all the buzz in the world from the corrupt mainstream lacrosse media, make the tournament off an auto qualifier, then get their asses kicked by whoever they play round 1. I have had enough of the bullshit, these dudes don't even party or tear up blondes, they just like inside while their girls go and cheat on them with brothers of sigma chi. These guys in their best year couldn't even win the SoCon last year.

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