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Hoyas go Nuclear, edge Irish in OT

Sorry fellas big week on the 57th floor this week I had to raise rent on 8 single mothers and sweat sports bets with Preston Carmichael. This game was an absolute barnburner and I'm not even going to lie I thought the Irish were going to be ripping ched all afternoon but to my surprise, Coach Warne finally listened to my advice and gave Kade "fuck your bitch" Goldberg some burn and I think the results speak for themselves. I mean, the guy gets an apple and you take down the reigning champs in the same game, guys like Kade don't grow on trees man. Aidan Carrol was an absolute demon all game running around giving every player on Notre Dame a taste of his 12 inch Hingham Hammer that he's got underneath his shorts with the loudest three Genos I've ever seen all in clutch moments. He even let Entemann spit on it after the final play when he ran across the entire defense and sunk a bouncer to win it. Cant teach stuff like that. Speaking of hammers Ty Banks gave Pkavv a taste of that Canadian grit today at the end of Ot and had Pat on his knees asking Banksy to not give his girl the Canadian special postgame. I mean just complete domination all around from the hoyas. Pride of the south Anderson Moore was gooning all day in net and came in clutch in Ot I mean pretty impressive considering this guy was probably a night in Tuscaloosa away from saying fuck lax and becoming a fraternal legend. Anyways, interesting game for the landscape, Notre dame is going to have to wake up and get some offense going or Ajax is going to do some damage with the 18 inch all American hammer of his next Sunday. An georgetown is going to get hot considering they have some free loot against brown this weekend.

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