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Handsome David leads Villanova to OT thriller win

You all know handsome Reid Colwell and his typical heroics, but this time it was Handsome David Evanchick coming up big in OT with a CTO to give the cats possession. Then, Austin "The Animal" Fraser ending it with ease, this guy put on a fucking show with 4 genos. Pat "let's get weird" Daly logged 3 genos and an apple on the day, and Cerza even got a few runs. Looked like Coach is tapped into the blog, great to see. No production from the hammer yet but it will come just in time for Gtown. Handsome Reid was having himself a game on defense too, 3 CTOs and 5 gbs. Diet Snapple demon has gone nuclear ever since he lost his virginity after the Penn game and it's great to see. These guys face Georgetown next, and they seem to be pretty on Par with them, both of them went to OT with Marquette so we'll see how they do. What I do know is they will be missing the Kroudis man up special against them. I can only imagine what this team would be like if Kroudis took his 5th year. I think with him and House music sensation BrockMusic could make some pretty killer vlogs. Kroudis and Cerza on a midfield line would be a movie, straight cannons on both of them. Back to Handsome David, this is nothing new for the Darien native. This guys built like a tank and has been tearing it up all over the place his first year of college. He even slid out to Penn state in the fall and allegedly woke up in the Zeta house after beating Nameisbrads ass. David loves his blondes, beer, and caused turnovers; a recipe for greatness. I love the Cats and I'm hoping they can take down the Hoyas, too many Nailguns on this roster and I'd hate to see them miss the tournament. I'll literally take away Bowen and Dordevics elf bars if I have too. Like fuck you Will Bowen you're not even good anymore, slide over your dads Amex to upper decky. Anyways, always great to see the Wildcats get a win, Cheers!

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