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Gregs Updated Top 20

20. Richmond

I was impressed despite the loss. Offense stalled big time in overtime did not like some of those play calls.

19. Georgetown

Very worrying.

18. Ohio state

Good win over Utah. Don’t think Utah is anything great, but I liked what I saw from Big Gannon and the Buckeyes.

17. Delaware

16. UNC

Scrimmages over the weekend. Attack line is yuck.

15. Michigan

This team is getting a ton of hype. Really don’t see it, change my mind fellas.

14. Yale

13. Princeton

12. Cornell

11. Rutgers

Solid win over Lehigh. Something might be cooking here. Knobloch is a weapon of mass destruction.

10. John’s Hopkins

Angelus is a top attackman in the nation and Chauvette is the future of the program. These blue jays came out hot but went full disability in the last few minutes. Don’t think they’re a serious contender, but most likely a playoff team. On fraud watch, will be watching closely.

9. Penn St

Calm down ladies, Penn st will be fine. Got some insider information and expect a big turn around soon. They are still a wagon. Props to Colgate though.

8. Loyola

It’s February gents. That means Loyola is currently the best team in the country until the first day of March. Game against Maryland this weekend will be a heater. Evan James is a certified nailgun and Matty Minicus has earned the crowbar achievement. Love the greyhounds. Adam Poitras gets the Willy up just cause that’s a great last name, kid can play too. Win this weekend means the Baltimore slums will be an absolute scene.

7. Denver

Was honestly very impressed with this squad. JJ Sillstrop just dragged his nutsack around home wood field all game. A lot of experience on the roster and a fun team to watch. Make Denver Great Again.

6. Syracuse

Hope you all know this is a very serious blog and when I said nobody stands a chance against cuse I was 100% serious. Very impressive start to the season. Colgate and Vermont aren’t necessarily easy teams to play, was honestly expecting much closer final scores. Maryland in 2 weeks will be the official start to the season for the boys in orange.

5. Maryland

Underwhelming opener. Defense will be solid as always and they’ll win a majority of faceoffs but I think they lack creativity on the offensive side. Loss to Loyola next week puts the big 10 on fraud watch.

4. Army

They didn’t even play just saluting our troops with this one. Should beat UMASS by 273 this weekend.

3. Notre Dame

2. UVA

Some reports that this team is going to be “different this year.” Still not sure how faceoffs will go but this offense should be top 3 in the country.

  1. Duke

I mean they just won a game in February. O’Neill is easily the tewaaraton favorite and Zawada is an elite addition to the roster. Chet gave Danowski a double wrister post game Saturday for that hammering they put on Bellarmine. They look good fellas.

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