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FTX week 9 Top Performers

Joey Spallina, Syracuse

Incredible performance with 9 points to take down Princeton and give the Orange a big win. Heard he also matched with Coulter Mackeseys bird on tinder so who knows what ended up happening with that. Nice work Joey!

Chris Fake, Notre Dame

Uncle Fake, real big, girthy guy, gave Uncle B the business this weekend. This guys been known as a nailgun for quite some time so I'm sure he had some fun ever. I'd probably let this guy date my daughter. Great work Chris!

Dalton Young, Richmond

The Northern Virginia lax legend showed up big time with 2 genos 5 apples to give Richmond a win over Umass in the A10. Along with this surgical performance I heard he tried fighting the Drip King fella, doing us a favor honestly. Nice work Dalton!

TJ Malone, Penn State

Cousin TJ, great player and an even greater person. This guy always shows up in big games and he did in Penn States top ten matchup against Hopkins with 4 goals and 3 apples, doing what he does best sitting on the wing and making the corners ding. I'm sure him and PSU ssdm Brent Mcvicker had some post game fun at champs. Great work Tj!

Kalman Kraham, Lafayette

Kalamander had 5 goals and 2 assists this weekend against Holy cross in a nice gritty win. Not suprised to see one of Marcus's guys playing so well, I'm sure mr kraham had some zyns in during the game. Great work Kalman!

Payton "Big Country" Cormier, Virginia

With his buddy King Shelly out Big country took the reigns and dropped 5 goals and 2 assists on UNC. I heard that after every goal he scored he would shout "you got soft hands brother" to UNC goalie Colin Kreig. An impressive performance to say the least, I'm sure he feasted on some Miller Lites post game. Great work Big Country!

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