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FTX Week 8 top performers

Thomas Greenblatt, Binghamton

The Bing legend continues to show up and perform, with 4 goals and 5 assists the pride of Massapequa also logged his 100th point this weekend. However this can't go without mention of Matthew Keegan's 7 goal and 1 apple this game, this duo ran a train on umass Lowell and I'm sure they got active that night. Congratulations Thomas, keep up the great work!

Scott Cole, Chris Mulè, Lehigh

These Lehigh Studmuffins both logged 2 goals and 5 assists this weekend , both having identical stats down to the shooting percentage . I heard Scott and Wine connoisseur Chris Mulè also pulled a set of twins at the bar that night. Congratulations guys keep up the great work!

Brennan O'Neil, Duke

Uncle B, 9 points against the number one team, I guess that's pretty good. Starting to think we need a Natty or Not on this guy from Greg Doucette because he is like a damn machine. Regardless, great job Brennan!

Josh Zawada, Michigan

Been waiting for this guy to break out in a big time game and he sure did. The North Carolina native showed up big time with 3 goals and 4 apples leading Michigan to their biggest win in program history. I'm sure him and Boehmer had a great time this weekend, great job Josh!

Coulter Mackesy, Princeton

I mean, 3g 3a this weekend against Brown, only on here because of his performance last weekend with 8g and 2a, unfortunately couldn't make a list last week as I was busy catching Jv prep school scrimmages. Anyways, safe to say Coulter has earned my respect over the last two weeks, sitting on the wing making the corners ding, him and Ginder 2.0 have been leading the Tigers on a tear, great work Coulter!

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