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FTX week 13 Top Performers

Jake Stevens, Princeton

This guy is an absolute ham of a human being, the girthy Canadian dropped 6 goals and an apple on Yale in the chip. I am hearing reports of him "having some fun" with Matt Brandau's girlfriend postgame. Wouldn't be surprised. This guy scores goals, kills labatte blue, and will wrestle you in the locker room. Great work Jake!

Nicky Solomon, Georgetown

Despite being an MBA merchant who has just kinda been showing up and scoring a goal a game this season really only caring about the action off the field in DC, the ATL legend dropped 6 genos and an assist on Denver. Solomons a simple guy, likes his tequila, and his blondes, I'm sure he got his fair share upon returning to DC. Great work Nicky!

Bryce Clay, Michigan

Dont know too much about this stud out of Ann Arbor, but he went nuclear against Maryland with 4 goals and 2 assists to win the first Big Ten title for the Wolverines. Great work Bryce!

Will Coletti, Army

No surprise seeing a West Point Nailgun on here, 18/22 in the Patriot League chip leading them to the dub over Loyola. Don't be surprised if these guys make a run in the tournament, with a nail gun like this it is a strong possibility. Tillman isn't getting this guy with a glove check. Great work Will!

Lance Madonna, Richmond

I've gotten pretty familiar with this Richmond squad the past two weeks and these guys are a bunch of Nailguns. They never stop drinking, they never stop scoring, and they never stop winning conference titles. The Upstate NY legend dropped 2 goals and 4 assists on High Point, hearing reports that he, Dalton Young, and Brother Derrek Madonna had a day at Zeta tau alpha after. Great work Lance!

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